Thanksgiving Cards for Business: Message Tips & Reasons to Send Them in 2021

Most companies understand the value of mailing business holiday cards: brand visibility during peak season while people are earnestly opening their mail boxes is a big deal. What many companies don’t know, however, is the missed opportunity of mailing out business Thanksgiving cards. Showing gratitude is no small gesture and it’s certainly not one your customers and employees will forget any time soon. A simple thank you goes a long way and while sending business thank you cards throughout the year is always a good idea, Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to share your gratitude. Especially in a year like 2021.

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6 IRL Touch Points to Increase Customer Retention (that are not email)

Customer retention is a big deal for businesses — big and small — everywhere. According to a report by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company, the cost of customer acquisition versus customer retention could reach as high as 700%. So putting more attention to building real relationships with existing customers should be a no brainer. With these figures in mind, every business should invest in a strategic approach to creating stronger relationships with their existing customer base. And yet there may be some marketing tactics that even the most skilled customer retention managers may be missing out on. And here, we’re touching on six such tactics, all of which allow businesses to build bridges IRL rather than sticking to digital interactions. Business greeting cards are underutilized despite high performance. Perhaps you’re already sending your company holiday cards, but you may be missing out on a few other opportunities to foster a level of customer loyalty you haven’t been able to reach thus far.

You can send marketing emails day in and day out, but sending a personal handwritten note takes the customer relationship building to a-whole-nother level.

Here are 6 IRL touch points to increase customer retention — that you might be missing out on.

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24 Galentine’s Day Cards To Celebrate Your Lady Friends With Gift Ideas

Move over Valentine, Galentine’s Day is in the building. Almost. And we’ve got the most perfect Galentine’s Day cards for all the best gals in your life to celebrate what’s arguably the greatest day of the year — February 13th. 

As you’re prepping for the big Vday we’ve made it crazy easy to prep for the big Gday. And in case you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your besties this year, this list of greeting cards and gifts will also work for all your valentine’s day gifts for best friends. We know how busy life can get so we’ve done the leg work for you and found everything you could ever need to show the women in your life how amazing they are. But first, let’s answer a few simple questions.

What is Galentine’s Day mean?

For those not familiar with this glorious holiday, let us break it down for you. Galentine’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating lady friends. It’s really that simple.  

What day is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day falls on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day.

Who started Galentine’s Day?

Leslie Knope, the delightful fictional character played by Amy Poehler on Parks and Recreation, introduced the world to this wonderful holiday. And humankind is better for it.

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7 Print Marketing Use-Cases To Make Your Real Estate Business Stand Out

Real estate agents, like any small business owners, are always on the lookout for the best way to stay in touch with their past, current, and future clients. And for good reason. With so much competition you have to make your business stand out in a crowd of many. While e-mail marketing can be a great way to keep your Realty business out in front of your clients, it’s not exactly earth shattering. The minute the delete button gets clicked, all memory of your branding gets wiped away. E-mail marketing is king until it’s not.

Sending real physical snail mail is a great compliment to email marketing; adding that personal touch that’s lacking in an e-mail. Creating and developing personal relationships with clients is the best way to ensure you and your business stay on top of their minds when your services are needed. Of course we’re talking about customer retention here and the root of all customer retention tactics is the process of nourishing an already existent relationship. There are few things as personal nowadays as snail mail.

Automate really nice business greeting cards in minutes. Postable will print, address, and mail them for you.

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How to Send Holiday Cards in 5 Minutes

During the Holidays, you should be spending time with your family watching re-runs of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and drinking copious amounts of eggnog. The precious time you do have during the holidays shouldn’t be spent scrambling to organize holiday cards. Long lines at the post office, waiting for your box of holiday cards to finally make it in the mail — no thanks to delayed delivery times– and cramping your hand from writing all of those mailing addresses are all a thing of the past. Let’s be honest, who actually enjoys writing out all those mailing addresses? Better yet, who has the time or the handwriting to make them look remotely legible or attractive? Wouldn’t you rather be baking holiday cookies or something?

Mailbox under snow in Christmas time.

We’re certainly not suggesting anyone give up holiday cards altogether. No Grinches here! In fact, sending holiday cards is our favorite holiday activity! That’s why we do it for you.

Ok, so how to send holiday cards without spending endless (precious) hours on stamping, stuffing and mailing?
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