24 Galentine’s Day Cards To Celebrate Your Lady Friends With Gift Ideas

Move over Valentine, Galentine’s Day is in the building. Almost. And we’ve got the most perfect Galentine’s Day cards for all the best gals in your life to celebrate what’s arguably the greatest day of the year — February 13th. 

As you’re prepping for the big Vday we’ve made it crazy easy to prep for the big Gday. And in case you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your besties this year, this list of greeting cards and gifts will also work for all your valentine’s day gifts for best friends. We know how busy life can get so we’ve done the leg work for you and found everything you could ever need to show the women in your life how amazing they are. But first, let’s answer a few simple questions.

What is Galentine’s Day mean?

For those not familiar with this glorious holiday, let us break it down for you. Galentine’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating lady friends. It’s really that simple.  

What day is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day falls on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day.

Who started Galentine’s Day?

Leslie Knope, the delightful fictional character played by Amy Poehler on Parks and Recreation, introduced the world to this wonderful holiday. And humankind is better for it.

Galentine’s Day cards your bestie(s) are bound to adore.

Ok, so you’re all caught up on who created Galentine’s Day and what one could typically expect from this oh-so-lovely day — now for the greatest selection of Galentine’s Day cards for your viewing (and sending) pleasure.

Pssst… Pro tip: Click on the button below the card that tickles your fancy to mail it straight to your bestie in seconds. Postable will print, address and mail the card for you! 

Be my Galentine

And we’re off to a great start with this delightful Shauna Lynn creation that speaks directly to the holiday. Those of us lucky to have many lovely ladies in our lives will have multiple Galentine’s!

I’m so glad that you exist

Seriously, what would we do without our lady bestie(s)? Near Modern Disaster has a way with words and the all too true sentiment on this pink-a-licious card is no exception.

Soul sisters for life

Everyone knows your besties are a chosen family. Make sure they know how much you care this year!

You are a magical unicorn

If sometimes you wonder how you got to be so lucky to have the lady friends that you do… Maybe they really are magical?

Best friends

This Wildhorse Press design is just too cute. Been besties for what feels like forever? Send them this Galentine’s Day greeting card to celebrate your friendship.

Uteruses before duderuses

Leslie Knope said it best… If your besties are Parks and Rec fans they’ll appreciate this funny Galentine’s Day card.

A better world

Whether your lady friends are out there saving the world from itself or just making the world better for you… Make sure their efforts are appreciated with this greeting card courtesy of Meera Lee Patel.

You’re amazing

It’s so easy for us to get wrapped up in life and get worn down by all the harsh realities that come with it. It’s up to each of us to remind those in our lives that they’re absolutely killing it. Let them know how amazing they are when you write your personal message on the inside (hello, surviving 2020 is a HUGE accomplishment).


Have a lady friend who is as appreciative of snacking as you are? Heck, you probably had that friend’s name pop up as soon as you saw this delightful illustration by Katie Pea Studio. Go ahead, send them this card and brighten their day.


Best beaches

Love a good pun? This one is truly a winner and your bestie will 100% adore it. 

Glad we’re friends

Sometimes everyone just needs a little reminder. This delightful hand painted greeting card by Small Adventures is the perfect way to do just that.

Favorite muggle

Have Harry Potter fans in your circle of lady friends? This Galentine’s Day card will be perfect.

Times are tough

Truer words. We don’t need to tell you that 2020 was hard or that the start of 2021 isn’t looking all that much better… But that doesn’t change the fact that you’re strong and your lady friends are tough af. Send this beautiful design this Galentine’s Day to remind them how strong they are. 

Biggest fan

Empowered women empower other women. Let the ladies in your life know that they’re KILLING it at whatever they’ve chosen to accomplish. Even if they’re still in the process, it’s our job to root them on! This fun pun card by E. Frances is the perfect way to do just that.

Champion of the Universe

Again, Near Modern Disaster showcases her mastery of words with this greeting card. Another great option to be your lady friends’ biggest supporter.

I’ve got your back

Galentine’s Day is all about lifting each other up (though really let’s agree to just do that all the time) and this Small Adventure illustration certainly helps us do just that.

You are the best

This oh so colorful and oh so adorable E. Frances creation is bound to put a smile on their face. 

You are one cool lady

Celebrate all the cool ladies in your life with this incredible Small Adventure Galentine’s Day card.


Yas queen

Choose this funny card to send your bestie a giggle while you show her how incredible she is.

Magical mermaid

Your gal-friends will swoon over this beautiful design just as soon as they open it. Make sure to write something personal and heart warming on the inside (Psst. Use one of Postable’s smart handwritten fonts to make it even more unique).

You’re my favorite

Got that one true bestie? This Galentine’s Day card is perfect then.

Queen B

All the gals in our lives deserve to feel like queens because of course, they are. This pun card is a good step towards helping them feel like the queens that they are.

Adventures together

Have a bestie who loves a good camping trip? This adventure card by Small Adventure will help remind them of all the good times in the past and all the good times to be had in the future.

Happy Galentine’s Day!

And finally, a simple wish for a glorious holiday. Wish all the lady friends in your life a happy day indeed with this cute little diddy. Don’t forget to write a little something personal on the inside!

Galentine’s Day Gifts

So you’ve chosen your favorite Galentine’s Day cards and now you’re thinking you’d like to shower your lady friends with gifts of love this year. We got you covered there too. This list of Galentine’s Day Gifts are as unique as your gals.

Leslie Knope Quote Pencils

For the lady who writes, these Leslie Knope adorned pencils will remind her of your friendship and inspire the next great masterpiece. (Or you know, a to-do list or whatever) [From mintandmustard on Etsy]

Be Wine

A little love day humour perfect for the gal who loves a good glass of wine. [From SpunkyPineappleCo on Etsy]

Mermaid Pin

Given that Galentine’s Day was invented by Leslie Knope… It seems only fitting that her brilliant quotes make an appearance. Really, is there anyone better to help celebrate your lady friends? [From PeachyApricot on Etsy]

Notorious RBG Tee

Gift your ladies the symbol of female brilliance, strength and girl power. RBG <3 [From privatecraft on Etsy]

RBG Mug 

For the girl power loving coffee drinkers. Aka all your lady friends will love sipping their morning brew with this mug. [From XoXoDesignStudio on Etsy]

What Would Leslie Knope Do?

Another great set of engraved pencils for those tough moments when we all just need a little reminder… What WOULD Leslie Knope do? [From RhinoParade on Etsy]

Coloring Book

Coloring books have been found to lower stress levels in adults. Who knew?! Give your bestie this coloring book or better yet, enjoy a scoop or two of ice cream and color this Pies, Fries and Ice cream book together this Galentine’s Day. [From Chronicle Books]

Bad Girls Throughout History

Love the idea of gifting your gals a good book? How about this Bad Girls Throughout History? The stories of 100 remarkable women in history is a pretty stellar Galentine’s Day gift if you ask us! The artwork on this cover was also done by one of Postable’s amazing artists Ann Shen so it’s also a gift your bestie can display. [From Chronicle Books]

Fun temp tattoos!

Get creative with your best friend Valentine gifts. Give them this lovely temporary tattoo set with artwork from one of Postable’s amazing artists (Rifle Paper Co.). You could even make a fun activity out of it on Galentine’s Day! [From Tattly]

Leslie Knope Compliments

And finally, the vast list of Leslie Knope’s compliments. Send this funny notepad to your lady friends to help them spread the love to all the women in their lives too! [From cooltvprops on Etsy]