7 Unique Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day in 2022

How to celebrate Galentine’s Day may be on your mind and we’re sure glad you’re thinking of things to do for this special occasion. Luckily for you, we’ve got just the perfect Galentine’s Day ideas to help make the day a blast for you and all your gal-friends.


What is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day is about celebrating lady friends! And why didn’t we think of this earlier! We celebrate everything from Groundhog Day to National Popcorn Day — surely the lady friends that keep us afloat and thriving deserve a holiday of their own. This is a stellar opportunity to show the women in your life just how much they mean to you. Let’s be honest, our lives simply would not be as exciting or as manageable without their friendships. Galentine’s Day is a good a day as any to celebrate these friendships and the ladies that make them possible.

Or you can simply look at it as yet another great excuse to spend some quality time with your gals before you bring your attention to your significant other. But how to celebrate Galentine’s Day?! The options are limitless.

Ways to spend Galentine’s Day in 2022

1. Host a dinner party for your gals.

What better way to celebrate Galentine’s Day than to gather the ladies around a table? If you’re in a region where the weather is nice (we’re looking at you Florida), then move the gathering outdoors. Hang some string lights for a lovely atmosphere. You can even decorate with a Galentine’s theme– think hearts with the word ‘gals’ on the inside.

If you’re not used to cooking, this can also be a great time to test your cooking skills before you show off for your sweetheart. Your lady friends will be honest so at least if your cooking skills need some major tweaks, you’ll be ready with a plan B for Valentine’s Day. In the meantime, if your Galentine’s day dinner didn’t taste quite as yummy as you’d hoped, just order some Chinese food or Pizza… Your lady friends will still enjoy chowing down on delivery alongside your meticulously set table AND you’ll have avoided a Valentine’s Day disaster!

On the same note, if you’re not into making one giant meal — a snackin Galentine’s Day party is also an option. You can get as creative as you want or keep it simple with things like hummus and pita chips. Ask each lady to bring her favorite snack to share and provide the booze.


2. Have a movie night.

If hosting a dinner party doesn’t quite seem like enough of an activity — how about hosting a girl’s movie night!? You can get as creative as you want with the decorations or keep it simple. All you really need is a good screen, some popcorn and your gals. If you have access to a projector, you can use a real screen or even a clean white sheet to project a movie onto.

Ways to spruce up your Galentine’s Day movie night:

  • Have a popcorn bar (one giant popcorn tub with self-serve topping options)
  • Make a specialty drink for the evening (margaritas are always a crowd pleaser, or better yet boozy milkshakes)
  • Create comfy floor seating (giant pillows and fluffy blankets)
  • Go outside (if the weather allows)

Have a few selected movies for everyone to vote on. Here is a list of awesome movies about female friendship that will go perfectly with the theme. 

3. Bake cookies & drink champagne.

How about a cookie-baking party? Everyone loves cookies, right? Christmas isn’t the only time to decorate some sugary goodness. Gather the gals for a night of baking, decorating, chit chat, and sugar consumption. What’s not to love? The host takes care of the basic ingredients and everyone else pitches in the decorating extras (and champagne). Consider also having some fun cookie cutters on hand to get creative. Try not to eat the decorations before you decorate the cookies 🙂

4. Practice selfcare together.

Gather the gals for a night of facials and manicures. Feel free to switch the cucumber water for some bubbly.

5. Galentine’s Day Poker Night

Move over game night! If you and your lady friends enjoy a good old fashioned game of poker, then why not make it a yearly tradition? Keep the buy in manageable so that everyone is able to play. If there is any hesitation from anyone that’s unfamiliar, just make it known that you’re willing to explain the rules before hand. You’re not playing to make money, you’re playing for fun so make sure everyone feels welcome!

Fun tips to making your lady’s poker night extra fun:

  • Use a special deck of cards.
  • Serve a specialty drink and name it after a historical female figure.
  • Snacks and lots of them!

6. Play a kick ball game

When was the last time you and your lady friend played a good old fashioned outdoor game? Here’s your chance to engage in your competitive spirits, but still keep it super low-key and fun. Gather all your lady friends and their lady friends, and rent a local little league field or simply hit up a park. Bring some gatorade and snacks for halftime and hit a pub to celebrate afterwards.

Make it a yearly tradition and get team shirts made in advance!

7. Go camping!

Gather the gals for a camping trip. Roast marshmallows around the fire, play the guitar and catch up on all the things you all simply don’t have time to talk about regularly.

And who says you can’t do it all? You can always combine some of these into one mega awesome Galentine’s Day get together. A movie night AND a selfcare jamboree.

A couple tips on hosting a Galentine’s Day Party.

  • Give your lady friends a heads up!

While you may have been looking forward to this glorious holiday since New Years, your lady friends may have made other plans. Send out invites to your big party at least 3 weeks in advance — this way your guests will have about two weeks notice. This will give them plenty of time to make appropriate plans and get excited!

  • Plan ahead.

Make a list and check it twice. Think about what you’ll need and make a shopping list. Don’t feel shy about asking your guests to contribute, just make sure you tell them what it is they need to bring — champagne, cookie dough etc.

Galentine’s Day Cards!

Last, but not least — don’t forget to send your lady friends a lovely Galentine’s Day card. They’ll love getting a special little note in the mail! It couldn’t be easier to brighten their day — if not just a bit. There are a million adorable cards to choose from — see them here. Especially great if you have some lady friends that don’t live close by. Let them know you’re missing them on this very special holiday and that their friendship means a whole lot to you. [See: 13 I Miss You Cards & Quirky Gifts to Send Your Long Distance Bestie.] And remember, you can mail them right now without ever leaving your computer. Postable will print, address and mail your cards for you.