30 Unbelievably Awesome Christmas Card Photo Ideas for 2019

happy family mother and daughter sitting  backs near tree on of ChristmasGet those cameras and festive sweaters ready! It’s time to take that perfect family photo you can proudly share with your friends and family on this year’s Christmas cards! Capturing the perfect moment to create the perfect photo is tough, but we know you can do it. Whether you’re hoping to capture smiling faces staring back at the camera, something a bit more candid or a funny staged shot — there are a bunch of great ideas for your browsing pleasure. The internet is full of them.

But who’s got time for that?

The holiday season tends to lengthen the to-do list. Which is why we’ve decided to do the leg work for you. Searching far and wide for some of the internet’s greatest Christmas card photo ideas, we brought them straight to you.

You’re welcome.

Whether you’re going to use a professional photographer or plan on recruiting the help of your friends and neighbors to capture the special photo for you, you’ll want to approach them with some ideas.

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A note on quality.

Before you send your family Christmas photo off to the print shop, double check that the image quality is high. Just because it looks great on your screen — doesn’t necessarily mean it will print that way. Check that the resolution is around 300 dpi (see: Tips to make your own card look spectacular.)

30 Awesome Christmas card photo ideas.

To get you inspired and excited about your family photos check out the following list of unbelievably awesome Christmas card photo ideas (courtesy of the world of Pinterest).

1. In action.

Matching aprons and sweet cookies for the win! One way to make the photo shoot process much easier for everyone involved– especially the kids — is to have some sort of activity they can partake in while the photographer takes the photos. Having the kiddos bake and decorate cookies is a great example. Just make sure the area is well lit (notice the background lights in this photo really make this photo pop).


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baking_cookiesvia loretablog.blogspot.com

2. Getting cozy under a blanket.

Give your Christmas cards that cozy feel by taking your family photo under one cozy blanket in the outdoors. If you have a family quilt, this is a great time to use it. Otherwise, go for colors that pop like this red one.

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via Brit+Co

3. Squishy Cheeks.

Delight your entire Christmas card list with your baby’s adorable squishy face. This photo is easy to recreate — all you need are two kisses and one set of adorable baby cheeks. You can even make this happen without any extra help — just make sure whatever camera (or phone) you use, the image quality is high enough to print well.

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via my life and kids

4. Cozy pajama party!

Matching PJs and Christmas trees?! What could be more jolly? This is a simple way to bring the whole picture together! Also, how adorable are the tiny PJs?! You could go with a traditional plaid or spice things up with something like these cheeky gingerbread Pjs. Whatever you choose — just keep them matched up and your family Christmas photo will be the talk of the town.

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via little trend setter

5. A Florida snowman.

Ok, so maybe you’re in Hawaii and not Florida. If you live anywhere that calls for a beach day mid-December this Christmas photo idea will be perfect for you. A sand-man? Don’t forget to dress up your sandy creation with all the Christmas feels!

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via princess pinky girl

6. Silent Night.

Want to make your friends and family giggle this season? This funny take on the traditional Silent Night will definitely do the trick.

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via craft mart

7. Modern simplicity.

Who says you have to stick with the Christmas theme? Nobody. If your family vibes more with a simple modern feel than stick with that. A great approach to modern family photos has a color scheme, without strict matching items. A simple industrial backdrop like this one adds to the modern feel.

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via chard photo

8. A no humans approach.

Perhaps your furry little family member is the baby of the house. If you’d rather show your friends and family the little fella on your Christmas cards this year — go for it! We love the airy lighting in this photo and the sparkling lights in the background!

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via think make share blog

9. A doggie Christmas wagon.

Speaking of furry little friends. We wouldn’t be angry if someone sent us a Christmas card with a doggie Christmas wagon as the photo. Just saying.

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via readers digest

10. A creative perspective.

Everyone loves a teeny foot photo! If you’d like to try something a bit more creative with your Christmas cards this year, nothing says CUTE quite like a shoe shot with a tiny pair of booties. The Christmas lights in this photo are a nice touch. The seasonal feels are all over this picture and we love the pop of color from the leg warmers.

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xmas_lights1via Flickr

11. The Babe-Mobile.

Using props can produce the perfect Christmas photo. This tiny red car with a tiny Christmas tree is too cute for words. If you want to stick with just the little one on your Christmas cards this year — a photo like this will surely be a winner. Don’t forget the adorable baby hat and snow. There’s something extra magical about the reflection of each snowflake so be sure there’s snow in your picture — even if you have to create it yourself.

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red_tricyclevia Red Tricycle

12. Snow kisses.

Playful activities always make for the best photos. We love this before and after photo. You can use real snow, fake snow or even some sort of confetti to recreate this picture. Don’t forget the festive background!

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gold_confettivia Harvard Homemaker

13. Christmas lights & couples.

For a brand new family of two — the first Christmas card is kind of a big deal. We love this romantic, yet totally festive approach to a couples shoot. A simple prop like Christmas lights can go a long way in photos. Just be sure you have a way to plug them in so that their colors glow. Capture a series of these types of photos and use a multi-photo Christmas card or pick your favorite photo & highlight it with a simple photo Christmas card.

xmas_lights2via Sweetest Occasion 

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14. Ornaments & babes.

Want to highlight the babe of the family on this year’s Christmas cards? This photo idea is cute, action-filled and incorporates the Christmas theme quite nicely!

via Making Memories With You

15. Simplicity.

Don’t feel like you have to get all sorts of creative just to capture the perfect family Christmas photo. This simple approach is a perfect example. Use a backdrop with only one focus item, like the holiday wreath, and avoid crazy backdrop colors. Include the family pup — because that’s always a favorite. And think about using a step stool for the little ones to keep the faces all in the same general area.

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just_a_wreathvia theivorylane.com

16. Baby Christmas tree.

A little tricycle, a little boy, and a little tree. Perfect. This photo is simple yet oh so adorable.

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tricyclevia hmcaptures.com

17. Christmas babe.

The little ones make the funniest of faces so if you can manage to capture one such reaction — you’ll get what is sometimes called ‘the money shot’. Create the perfect cozy setting and remember to light it well (including the background). You can try to stage a photo just like this one — perhaps if the book is engaging enough — or simply try to have the little one play with something until you capture the perfect photo.

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bookvia confessionsofapropjunkie.com

18. Photoshop with the jokes.

We’re dreaming of… buckets full of snail mail! If your family appreciates a good joke here and there — you could take this year’s Christmas card opportunity to bring some giggles to your friends and family. A simple photo like this with a few thought bubbles is a great example. Upload your image to a blank canvas card, just make sure the quality is high.

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thought_bubblesvia Mashable

19. Action shot.

Nothing says Christmas quite like picking out the Christmas tree. Especially great if this is one of your family’s beloved Christmas traditions. You can stage this photo or simply bring your photographer along for the trip. The family dog and the matching hats are the winners here.

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treevia Barefootblonde.com

20. The family dog.

There’s something truly special about the bond between a little babe and the family pup. The two babies in the family. Something as simple as posing the two alongside the Christmas tree makes for a very magical photo.

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big_dogvia Brit.co

21. A blanket, tea mugs, and snow. Cute. Cute. Cute.

Nothing too complicated here. A simple backdrop to a cozy moment makes for a perfect first Christmas photo.

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blanketvia youtube

22. A baby & a Christmas tale.

A glimpse into the future… finals week. Also, a simple way to capture the magic of Christmas all in one photo. Capture your sleeping babe with your favorite Christmas words.

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baby_bookvia Diply.com

23. Christmas mischief.

If you’re looking to add a little humor to your Christmas cards this year — this idea is perfect. You’ll probably need an extra hand or two to help stage this one.

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evil_babyvia My Life & Kids

24. Funny Christmas.

If you can figure out how to re-create this scene — all the power to you. This will definitely be a funny one and the kids will have fun making it.

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funnyvia Farrell Photography Sacramento Wedding photographer

25. The Christmas gift.

A simple and adorable Christmas photo. Put your little one in a small red box and don’t forget the Santa hat! The lit up Christmas tree in the background is really key to making this photo so magical.

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baby_presentvia Babble

26. Santa’s Gift.

Too precious. Work with a professional to re-create the magic in this Christmas photo.

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santa_babyvia dishmonusa.com

27. I saw mommy kissing…

Christmas family photos are great when shot outdoors in the natural light. We love this action shot with the mistletoe. The red matching hats are total winners too!

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mistletoe_babyvia Lipgloss & crayons

28. Every day captured.

Who says you have to go somewhere special to get the perfect Christmas family photo? You don’t. Capturing your family’s beautiful faces is much easier when an activity — like walking — is involved. Simply head outdoors to a neighborhood with lovely trees and start capturing.

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actionvia info.eliteimages.com

29. Dear Santa.

Use a chalkboard & get creative!

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explainvia Have

30. Costumes!

The family that dresses up together… Stays jolly together. If you really want to spice things up this Christmas — dress up your family photo. The kids will have a great time and be more excited about getting their photos taken.

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grinchvia Brit.co

Had enough Christmas card photo ideas?!

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