19 Cute Greeting Cards For Kids We Love (You Will Too)

When did children’s cards get so darn cute? People, including kids, love the feeling of receiving personal snail mail (of the non-bill variety). Seeing an envelope with your name on it is an exciting moment. Why not share this glorious ritual with the kids in our lives? There are about a million reasons to send a card to someone (here are 67 reasons to get you started) and sending greeting cards for kids is no exception.

They’re people too, you know.

Greeting Cards For Kids

Sending cards to kids can be a great way to introduce them to the lifelong habit of writing proper thank you cards and can even play a role in helping kids practice to read (and write).

We’ve come up with some cards from Postable’s collection that you can send to the kids in your life and spread the joy!

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Greeting Cards for Kids’ Birthdays

Everyone should feel extra special on their birthdays, especially children. While adults may welcome each birthday a little less enthusiastically as time goes by, kids will count the days until they get to be a whole year older.

It’s kind of a big deal, so why not treat it as such?

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If for no other occasion than the birthday, a kid should know how special it feels to receive a greeting card. Birthday cards are a must (a present definitely wouldn’t hurt either). Check out these delightful birthday greeting cards for kids and see for yourself how adorable they are (we know some adults who wouldn’t mind getting these in the mail either). 

1. Super Spectacular Birthday Card by Night Owl Paper Goods

Ok. So who wouldn’t want to get super spectacular birthday wishes sent to them? Let your little nephew, cousin, or the neighborhood kid know they are about as spectacular as a unicorn could ever be. Also, how fun are these colors?!

2. Toy Balloon Kids Birthday Card by Quill & Fox

This delightful birthday card is perfect for a little one. Also, how cool would it be if these balloons were real (might wanna follow up the card with some real-life balloon animals!)? We love the vintage vibes so much we wouldn’t mind framing this little card as a lovely keepsake.

3. Birthday Girl Power by Night Owl Paper Goods

Know a little girl with an upcoming birthday? This girl power card is a perfect way to celebrate and empower her. It’s important she knows how strong and powerful she is. Go ahead, be the one who reminds her! As with most of these kids birthday cards, you can also share this with any adult in your life. You’re never too old for a little girl power inspiration.

4. Confetti Birthday by E. Francis Paper

It’s cute. It’s colorful. It’s delightful in every way possible. We love this kids birthday card so much we can’t wait to send it to every little in our lives. Let’s celebrate!

5. Animal Parade by Rifle Paper Co.

How adorable is this hand painted kids birthday card? Perfect for the little one who falls in love with every little creature they see.

6. Happy Birthday Ya Muggle by Brittany Paige

Despite the fact that Harry Potter would be well into his 40s by now, the notorious kids’ adventures continue to live on (and we are so on board). If the kid in your life loves Harry Potter as much as we do, they’ll definitely love this birthday card. Go ahead, send them a muggle giggle!

Valentines Day Cards For Kids

The big day of love isn’t just for the romantics. Kids adore Valentine’s Day just as much as the adults, if not only because they’re surrounded by copious amounts of candy. This holiday of love is a great opportunity to show the little ones just how much they’re loved.

7. Super Monkey Love Card by Night Owl Paper Goods

An adorable illustration with a delightful little saying. Let them know just how much you love them. To the moon and back is quite the distance!

8. Puuurfect Valentine’s Day Card for kids by Postable

Photo templates are great opportunities to include a photo of either yourself, your cat (in this case especially), or even their little faces for a little added fun and personalization. Kids love seeing themselves in fun new ways and this is the perfect medium to help them expand their imagination.

9. Wuf You Love Card by Postable

Much like the cat inspired card, this cute template will make your little ones giggle with glee. Stick a photo of the family pet or their cute little selves for the perfect Valentine’s day card for kids.

10. One Cool Cat Card by Postable

They may not know the source of this cool cat saying, nevertheless, they’ve probably heard someone say this a time or two. They’ll get a giggle from the illustration and feel the love all at the same time. 

11. Llama Love You by E. Francis Paper

Ok, so maybe they won’t catch onto the pun humor, but the whimsical illustration is sure to make them smile. 

Congratulations Greeting Cards for Kids

When we do something awesome we get congratulated. Shouldn’t the same be true for the kids in our lives? Their accomplishments are usually far cooler than those of their adult counterparts anyway (losing a tooth is so much more exciting than filing your taxes). Make sure to let them know how proud you are with one of these delightful congratulations greeting cards for kids.

11. Big Teeth Congrats Card by Night Owl Paper Goods

Remember how excited you were to lose a tooth? No? Probably because nobody congratulated you. Losing your teeth is a big deal and should be treated as such. Congratulate the kiddo in your life for growing up (it is hard work).

12. Proud of You by Ashkahn

Did the little in your life finish kindergarten? Did they finally land that front flip off the diving board? Did they learn their colors or ABCs or any of the other million things they’re being introduced to at the moment? There are so many things to be proud of and this whimsical Ashkahn card will let ‘em know you’re paying attention. 

13. Dino-Mite Card by A Jar of Pickles

Another pun from pun-master, A Jar of Pickles, this is the perfect kid congratulation card. Sometimes you don’t need any other reason to congratulate someone other than for being awesome or in this case Dino-mite.

14. High Fives All Around by Thimblepress

This bright congratulations card is perfect for kids. It’s fun and colorful and will get just about anyone excited about doing something awesome.

Just Because Children’s Cards

You don’t always need an occasion or an achievement in order to send cards to your favorite kid. Sometimes you’re just thinking of them or want to remind them that they’re loved. Additionally, you can use snail mail and greeting cards as a way to start a conversation or teach a lesson. 

15. Infinite Possibilities Card by Wildhorse Press

Kids (and definitely adults) need a little reminding that the possibilities are truly infinite. We all need a little reminder to reach for the stars at some point in our lives. You can encourage the kids in your life to use their imagination with a simple greeting card like this one. 

16. Gratitude by Jacqui Lee

You can teach kids the value of thank you cards by addressing a thank you card to them. Teach by doing — as they say. Use a cute thank you card like this one to show kids how nice it feels to receive a thank you card. This way they begin to understand and grasp the value of gratitude (and writing thank you cards) firsthand.

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17. Keep Exploring by Wildhorse Press

Want a fun way to encourage kids to use their imagination and keep exploring? This colorful card along with a little personal message on the inside is a good place to start.

18. Cooperation Tastes Better by Wildhorse Press

Know someone having a hard time playing well with others? Who knows, maybe a cute little card like this one can be used as a gentle start to the wider conversation about sharing and cooperation.

19. Doggie Hello by Shauna Lynn

If they love pups – and let’s be honest, most kids do – they’ll love opening the envelope to see this. It’s colorful, bright, and it’s got a dog on it… It’s the ultimate greeting card for kids!

Send a cute kid’s birthday card in minutes! Postable will print, address and mail it for you. Use code KIDCARDS for 20% off!


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