59 Funny Christmas Cards To Make Your Loved Ones LOL In 2023

Christmas 2023 is right around the corner, and if there was ever a good opportunity to make our loved ones giggle– this is it! Sending everyone on your Christmas card list funny Christmas cards is really the way to go, and if you’re looking for the perfect one then you’ve come to the right place. This list of cards will make you laugh and giggle — sometimes uncontrollably. Perhaps other times these funny Christmas cards may even make you cry, but only tears of joy of course (mostly)! To send one to someone you care for, simply click on the green button below each card to get started. PS: You can send it now OR schedule it to arrive on their doorstep for Christmas! Just about every one of us can use an extra giggle or two after the last couple of years.

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There’s a lot we don’t know in this world, but creating cards that make people laugh is definitely one of them. That’s to say — we’re pretty darn great at it! Our collection of artist-designed funny Christmas card ideas will undoubtedly make you laugh out loud! Whoever said Christmas cards can’t be funny AND heartfelt all at once?

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Funny dog Christmas cards

Dogs are funny. It’s like an inherent talent they all share amongst all breeds across all dogs everywhere. There’s a reason we call them our best friends– nobody can make us laugh like they do. So what better subject to start this list of funny Christmas cards ideas than ones adorned with dogs?! 

Pugs & Kisses

Ok, if this doesn’t make you laugh then surely it’ll at least melt your heart. This amazing funny Christmas card by Quill and Fox is the perfect choice for anyone who loves to see adorable little pug faces — aka everyone. Gotta love the little bells around the collar!

QUILLFOX129-1 (1)

We Woof You a Meowy Christmouse

Well if this isn’t just the most adorable example of teamwork, we don’t know what is. This funny Christmas card will make all your pet-loving friends and family swoon all holiday season.


A very chill dog indeed. Definitely not your traditional Christmas card, but if you’re looking to brighten someone’s day during the festive season this card would do the trick.

Holiday Pup

This simple design by Hello Paper Co. is perfect for that minimalist friend who can never have enough dogs in their life. Oh, the irony! 


Dog Christmas Sweater

It’s a card covered in adorable dogs in Christmas sweaters. Does it get any better? Send this Mai Ly Degnan masterpiece to those you love and make them giggle all season long. Make a game out of this funny Christmas card by telling your recipients your favorite dog on the design and ask them to pick one of their own!


Punny Christmas cards (see what we did there)

Oh puns– how we love thee. There really is no such thing as too many puns. And given that this list is filled with funny designs, it only makes sense to include our punny Christmas cards as well!

Santa Claws

One of the newest funny Christmas cards added to the Postable selection, this Wit & Whistle creation is the perfect amount of pun and jolly. The RAWR is most definitely the best part.

Is it Christmas Yeti?

Of all the funny Christmas cards out there, this one by Noteworthy Paper & Press perfectly describes our feelings during the months of January-November. The holiday season is just the perfect time of the year and really, is it Christmas yet?

My friends are flakes

Sending this giggle-worthy card to your friends this holiday season is certainly one way to let them know their flaky-ness has not gone unnoticed. It’s also just funny objectively.

To my beastie

Another perfect card to mail your friends this holiday season. Those Christmas sweaters are just the perfect touch… Where can we find some of those?!


What is it about these animals that make them so inherently festive?! The pun, of course, makes this Christmas card giggle-worthy, but the vintage tone and colorful schematic really just seals the deal. Gotta love this creation by Ann Shen.


For more wholesome funny Christmas card ideas, this one will certainly make your friends and family laugh out loud.

Meowy Christmas

Sometimes a simple pun is all you really need and this one is truly the cat’s meow. The funky design by LIVE LOVE makes the card even funnier to look at. We all know a cat lover or two — make their day with this Christmas card.


Mistle Toad

A Jar of Pickles, our resident pun-makers, are full of never-ending punny cards we want to hang on our fridge year after year.


Let It Snow

Sometimes the fun is in the details. This quirky illustration by TYLRE is the perfect funny Christmas card with a little word play and a whole lot of cuteness. It’s a skipping llama — what’s not to love?


Slightly more mature funny Christmas card ideas

Don’t worry, if you happen to have a slightly naughtier sense of humor, we didn’t forget you. Postable’s Christmas card collection has a stellar selection of funny Christmas cards with a not-so-innocent twist. The following cards may or may not be inappropriate for the younger folks (you decide) — whether the content of the card or the joke itself may just be too mature for the youngins to really get it.

Big Nick Energy

You know the one.

I got ho-ho-hos

The perfect funny Christmas card for the Ludacris fans.

Big Package

Another naughty Santa card? You really can’t have too many of these.

F*ck this

This Christmas card has nailed that big 2023 energy. Seriously, what is going on with the world?

I put out…

This one needs no explanation. Naughty puns for the win.

Shitters full

This funny Christmas card goes way back to one of the funniest lines in Christmas movie history. Gotta look closely at the little green hats floating in the background.


In true Bench Pressed fashion — this card is funny in a touch of naughty kind of way and brilliantly designed! Gotta love the modern feel. Who wouldn’t want Santa on their fridge this holiday season?

Crackin’ Christmas Nuts

Punny Christmas cards for the win! This laugh out loud Christmas card by TYLRE will no doubt give your recipients something to giggle about. Aside from the funny pun, we love the Christmas-y colors on the design and the funny illustration.

TYLRE121 (1)

Reasonable government

Oh if only we could just find such leggings!

Funny animal Christmas cards

So we’ve highlighted some dog-themed designs, but there’s certainly other types of furry (and not so furry) creatures that make up some truly giggle-inducing cards. Here are some of our favorite funny animal Christmas cards. 


Is it us or can you actually hear these furry little dudes singing?

Fa la la-ing Penguins

It’s simple. It’s cute. It’s the perfect Christmas card.

Christmas Card From Your Pet Please

Well if this isn’t the most honest Christmas greeting, what is? Please always consider us on this list!

Nativity Cat

Whether intentional or not (you’ll have to ask Sussie Essie), this cat Christmas card is very giggle-worthy.

Whale holiday

What is it about whales and sweaters that’s so funny? This adorable hand painted creation by E. Frances Paper will immediately brighten someone’s day and no doubt get a giggle (or ten) out of them. True to E. Frances Paper style, the delicate execution of this design makes the subject matter that much funnier. Gotta love the reindeer antlers!



Bench Pressed is at it again! Perfect blend of a little naughty and a whole lot of nice… design. If this gave you a good laugh, imagine how much your friends will love it!

Cat nap

Anyone else wish they could just be a cat? Nap. Eat. Repeat.


It’s hard not to smile looking at this funny Christmas card by E. Frances. This bear is so darn adorable!

Holiday Weasel

It’s a holiday weasel, what more do you need? This design is easily recognizable as a Clap Clap creation and we couldn’t love it more!

Nuttier Than Squirrel Turd

If you roll with a fun crowd, chances are some of them will be a little on the nutty side (in the best way possible — of course). This funny Christmas card would be perfect for such a good humored crowd. Be sure your recipients don’t take themselves too seriously and they’ll totally get a kick out of laughing at themselves this Christmas.


Sir Rudolph

Speaking of not taking things too seriously. This hand painted design by Quill & Fox will be perfect for just about anyone on your list. We love the personification of Rudolph and just look at that mustache!


Funny booze & food Christmas cards

The one thing most of us have in common is our love for booze and food — especially during the holidays. This theme is obviously one that’s bound to make a few deliriously funny Christmas cards!

Getting lit

It’s so lovely, you forget how funny it actually is. Or is that what makes it so darn humorous?


Well, this one is pretty crystal clear. 

Cold Bloated

Share the sentiment? Send this to someone you know will too. 


Sometimes no words are needed. Got a pizza lover in the family? They’ll love this design by Near Modern Disaster.

Pizza on earth

Similar sentiment with a pun twist! 

Everything Bagel.

Nothing like a real yummy bagel. Another food pun for the win!

All The Carbs

No truer words have ever been written.

Season’s Eatings!

And the puns continue to roll right in. We love how bright and friendly this card is.

Funny photo Christmas card ideas

Want to spread some joy this season with a funny Christmas card that also has a place for you to upload your own photo? Good news — we’ve got a few templates that are delightfully funny and give you space to customize with your own photo.

Festive AF

After the year we’ve all had, we’re 100% getting festive AF and you should too!

Santa Hat

Upload a photo of yourself or your little one and make em’ the star of the show on your Christmas card — who wouldn’t want to be Santa for a day?

Snowman Photo Template

Not digging Santa? How about a snowman? This funny Christmas card idea is pretty darn adorable.

The Best Family Photo

Was this year’s Christmas family photo process a fiasco of sorts? It’s always a good idea to refrain from taking yourself too seriously and this funny Christmas card will certainly help you move in that direction. Have a little giggle at your attempts at a ‘normal’ family photo with this Craftboner creation.

Cute Reindeer

What’s a list of funny Christmas cards ideas without the reindeer. Like all three? Don’t fret — you can customize each of these with a different photo, and we’ll mail all three cards for you to whomever you’d like.


Love your cat enough to make it the center of your Christmas card. You gotta admit, it’s a little funny.

More funny Christmas cards!

There’s some things in life that just can’t be categorized and these next few funny Christmas cards fall into that category. Everything from making jokes about coal for Christmas to a play on words from classic Christmas songs. These cards are sure to make you chuckle. 

Your Favorite Millennial

Gen Z is taking over, but that doesn’t mean our Christmas cards can’t be nostalgic.

More plants please

Where’s the lie?

Merry Chrizzle

The perfect funny Christmas card for the Snoop Dog fan in your life. Or really anyone and everyone.

‘Tis The Season For… Stress?

If you know… You know.

Sweater Weather!

Get your cozies sweaters — winters a’comin!

Smiling Is My Favorite

Ours, too. What a coincidence?! But also, who doesn’t love smiling? If this E. Frances Paper creation doesn’t put you in a great mood — nothing will. This card is the epitome of delightful and will surely make the receiver laugh out loud. Because — well, just look at it! The perfect card for The Elf movie fan or really just about anyone on your Christmas cards list.


Coal For Christmas 

Hopefully not for real though.


Planning on spending this holiday season secluded somewhere on a sandy beach? Well first, can we come? And second, this silly card will be perfect… Just make sure your recipients aren’t too bitter.


We’d suggest being real sure your recipients would get this joke.

Ya Filthy Animal

For those Home Alone movie fans… Aka everyone.

A Christmas Miracle

Is it a miracle you’re sending a Christmas card at all? Then this Near Modern Disaster creation may just be a match made in heaven.


Already a bit behind on mailing out your 2023 Christmas cards? Mailing times are a bit tricky to navigate during the holidays. And the 2023 holiday season will be no exception. Most folks will be delighted to receive funny Christmas cards regardless if it comes a few days late, but this creation by Near Modern Disaster will give them an extra giggle.

Let It Snow

We couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, snow is coming whether we like it or not. If you happen to be spending this holiday season somewhere sunny like Florida or the Caribbean or on a sailboat somewhere (lucky you) this card would be perfect. Perhaps don’t send it to friends dealing with a snow storm — they may not be your friends for long. 


From My Toilet

If this sounds like something you’d say — then you’ve found your perfect funny Christmas card. As always, Near Modern Disaster has a lovely way with words — and typography. We love the funky style of the letters and the fun use of color to bring focus to the important stuff. It’s also hilarious — so there’s that.


Who’s ready to giggle? Send your favorite funny Christmas cards without leaving your computer — with Postable!