Summer Party Ideas You Should Throw Before Summer is All Gone

Summer — ah the most blissful time of the year. Yet before we know it, this summer will all, but be over. It’s an unfortunate fact that somehow keeps repeating year after year — totally to our dismay. So before this catches you off guard why not throw that summer gathering you’ve been wanting to host? Every year, the end of summer sneaks up on you and you’re left feeling remorse for not having taken advantage of the outdoor hosting opportunities.

Small group of people standing around barbecue grill at outdoor party

So, while time is still on your side — why not take the plunge and host the gathering you’ve been dreaming of all this time? Summer is here. The sun is out. The grill is itching to be warmed. Wait too much longer and all of this will slip through your hands. Are we getting a bit overdramatic with all this? Totally. But also summer really is only a couple of months — especially if you live in the north — so it’s up to you to take full advantage of it. We’re just here to provide a friendly reminder along with a bunch of simple and fun summer party ideas.

A Summer Night’s Dream

Host your dream summer night party with this Firefly invite. Soak up the beautiful summer night under the stars with all of your dear friends and family by your side. Drawing inspiration from this delightful summer party invite is easy as summer pie (is summer pie actually easy?).

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All you need are some strung up garden lights, a long piece of wood (propped up on something) and a bunch of pillows you don’t mind brining outside — the thrift store is a good place to find an eclectic selection that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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If it gets chilly at night even in the summer time — first of all, we’re so sorry, but also it’s a perfect excuse to get cozy. Provide your guests with adorable little blankets to cuddle with when the summer sun sets.1776b01d3af6d2bb83bfc2e09bcd39bcvia Pinterest

Lighting is your greatest source of decor when the sun goes down. There are a bunch of great ways to use light to bring a certain ambiance to your summer party. You can match the summer night party invite by placing tiny fairy lights into a mason jar or do a little DIY project with recycled tin cans.
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Or go all out with all the string and fairy lights there ever was by hanging them through tree branches. Place your table setting directly underneath and you’ve got yourself the most magical summer night party setting there ever was. 968331526dd51b278385641e90c0537dvia Pinterest

A Cocktail Summer Gathering

Perhaps you’re more interested in soaking up the sun poolside than lining a long dinner table under the stars. Makes sense. Summer time is, after all, the only time of year where wearing a swim suit is totally acceptable (and actually encouraged) at social gatherings. Make all of your summer dreams come true with a cocktail summer party.

This party invite has summer written all over it. Well, not literally. But the vibes are all there.

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No summer cocktail party would be complete without — well — a summer cocktail. Lucky for you Pinterest has about a million options for you to choose from. Make a giant batch of said cocktail so that you don’t suddenly become a bartender instead of the host of your own gathering. Use a big pitcher or container of some kind. If you keep the cocktail recipe simple, you’ll be able to easily recreate the drink when the well begins to run dry  without halting the party for too long. Easy peasy — just how we like it. 259244234a717bc812d4258a34b39d75Try this easy big-batch pina colada sangria from Pinterest.

Want to cool off and get boozy all at once? How about some boozy popsicles? Everyone loves a cold treat on a hot summer day. These delightful looking treats would serve as the perfect addition to any great summer party. 2c68bc95e2b563380191cfb6c592e919Try the recipe here via Pinterest

Another cute strawberry themed sweet treat idea — tiny strawberry cheese bites. They’re not frozen, so it’s not quite as awesome, but at least this way they won’t melt right away (although take care not to leave these out in the sun either). fea1e1ec614531ebae5597f69299ab3evia Pinterest

An easy way to bring some color to your summer party — line your ice bucket with some bright red strawberries! So easy. 04b0cbcadbcda76fd359cec42c7815devia Pinterest

Summer BBQ Party

Cocktails are great and dandy, but you want the focus of your get together to be food. We can totally get on board with that. Who doesn’t love a good summer BBQ party? Grill up some goodies for guests to enjoy, put on some tunes and if there’s a pool involved you’ve got the perfect summer gathering.

This fun and vibrant summer BBQ party invite has all the fun sunny summer feels.

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Besides the grilled meats and veggies, every summer BBQ has all sorts of fun snacks and side dishes for guests to munch on both before, during and after the main event. Nothing beats the good ole’ potato chip. Put them into tiny little brown paper bags (cute and cheap) for a fun display where your guests can help themselves.
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Want to spice up the french fry? We do too. Checkout this easy hack to the traditional french fries — and turn them into a mouthwatering side dish. Save some space for these on the grill and your guests just may be raving about these more so than the actual BBQ.

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Table top s’mores. What’s not to love? Set up a few of these table top s’mores get ups throughout your backyard when the sun goes down. Who says you have to have a fire pit to make THE summer treat… You and your guests will have a blast roasting up these little bad boys right on top of your table. 5d333315361fbd9838716ef08b098f25via Pinterest

ok, so what are you waiting for? August is slowly, but surely inching it’s way to the finish line. Before long, September will be making an appearance and fall is just around the corner from there — if you’ve been itching to throw a summer gathering with all of your friends and family — now is as good a time as any. By which we mean, it’s now or never (or until next year).