How To Hack Your Wedding (with Postable)

hack_wedding_headerWho knew getting married meant having to send about a bajillion pounds of snail mail?! Because there wasn’t enough to think about already. Not to worry, Postable has got your back with wedding mail hacks you can use to make your life a whole lot easier. 

Step 1. Collect Wedding Addresses in 5 Minutesfront_envelope

Checkout this simple guide on how to collect wedding addresses in 5 minutes.

You don’t have to spend hours trying to gather your family and friends’ mailing addresses any more. No more spending time on creating spreadsheet after spreadsheet… You can literally just send one mass email or text with one link and all of your mailing addresses will magically appear in your Postable address book. Did we mention Postable’s wedding address book was free?

Step 2. Send out Save the Dates in 5 Minutes {And Bridal Shower Invites, Wedding Invitations and Bridal Party cards}STD2

Checkout this simple guide on how to mail your save the dates in 5 minutes.

We all know the best part about creating your Save the Dates is getting to pick out the design that speaks to you. So go ahead, enjoy Postable’s stunning save the date collection. Pick out your favorite and then Postable will print and mail them for you!

Step. 3 Write your thank you cards without leaving your computerWTY3

Checkout the ultimate guide on writing a thank you note.

Don’t worry about having to write hundreds of thank you notes. Avoid Carpel tunnel and type your notes online. Postable will then print and mail them all out for you. Pro tip: Use the Carbon Copy tool to quickly create hundreds of cards with the same message — you can then go back and personalize each note. 

Consider yourself armed & ready to hack your wedding like a pro.