41 Funny Greeting Cards To Cheer Someone Up

Funny greeting cards can be a great (and easy) remedy for the blues. So whether you know someone whose going through a tough breakup, a career rough patch, or for one reason or another –and let’s face it 2021 hasn’t been the rainbows and unicorns we’d hoped for after the sh*t storm that was 2020– is just feeling blue, here’s your chance to change that gloomy trajectory. Cheer up your friends, siblings, parents, neighbors, teachers, local hairstylists– you name it– with a few clicks of a button (don’t worry, these are ALL real hold-in-your-hand greeting cards). Just send them a funny card to lift their mood in no time. Here, we have the most epic list of cards to get you started.

Our pick of 41 funny greeting cards to send someone and cheer em’ up.

Even after the pandemic is [hopefully] nothing more than a distant memory, sending funny greeting cards to friends and family will still be a simple and easy way to bring some joy into their lives. Maybe you’re the king of good jokes and can easily make everyone in your life giggle uncontrollably. But if you’re anything like the rest of us, you may need a helping hand to make the folks in your life instantly cheer up. Lucky for you, this epic list gives you plenty of options to choose from.

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Funny Social Distancing Cards

When the world seems upside down and inside out, the best cure for the stay-at-home-feeling-a-little-crazy is a good old fashioned giggle. There’s really nothing quite like receiving a funny just because card in the middle of a shitty week. So, here’s your pick for some of our funniest designs to send to anyone and everyone.

1. Encouraging Emu

For when you just couldn’t have said it better yourself. Though you still can — the message on the inside of these cards are 100% up to you so write from the heart knowing the front designs already made them giggle.

2. Life is weird…

Sure is. Sometimes the funniest thing you can do is acknowledge how insane everything feels.

3. I miss your face

Ok so maybe not directly funny, this card will 100% cheer up everyone and anyone lucky enough to receive it.

4. Ostrich Tik-Tok

Know someone sharpening their TikTok skills? This ostrich will no doubt pump them up and give them a giggle!

5. Hang in there.

Puns for the win. Always and forever. This design is punny and crazy beautiful to look at so it’s pretty much a given to make them smile.

6. This f*cking sucks

While we’re always up for a good ole’ pun or joke or just a drawing of a puppy… This card lays it all out there. And we’re here for it. Real life — while tragic — can also be pretty darn hilarious. If you agree, mail this card now.

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Funny Greeting Cards Congratulating on Newborn

Even during a pandemic, good things are happening (we hope)! So let’s not forget to send our very best congratulations to those we care about and make it funny while we’re at it.

First up, make sure your pregnant friends and family members get their dose of laughter from one of these funny cards.

7. Bey bey.

Queen Bee would be proud.

8. Burrito Making Skills

Congratulate your bestie, co-worker, or anyone else lucky to be pregnant with this giggle-inducing greeting card. Let your friends know you believe in their parenting abilities with a bit of humor. And go get yourself a burrito!

funny baby congratulations card

9. Never sleeping again!

Speaking of baby congrats… This card will be funny until the baby is born and reality sets in. Be careful they don’t blame you for predicting the future!

funny baby congrats card

10. Bun is done!

Is it odd that this congrats card compares a new child with a baked good? You tell us…

Funny Wedding Congrats Cards

Know someone whose gotten engaged lately?! Amplify their joy with one of these delightfully funny greeting cards. While the wedding day may be postponed, their love keeps going strong. Make sure to send them a big congrats.

11. Ermahgerd!

For when you just don’t have the words… You make one up. This card design is adorable and simple and funny all at once.

12. Can’t wait to drink!

Some people get married. Others get drunk while other people are getting married. Sometimes all of the above. However you choose to do life, make sure you congratulate folks with some honest humor.

13. Finally!

Seriously though, what took so long?

funny greeting card

14. O-fish-al!

Married people like puns too. Send them this adorable little congrats card to warm their hurts and chuckle their bellies.

Funny Birthday Cards

What is a list of funny greeting cards without a section filled to the brim with funny birthday cards!? Well, we wouldn’t know because we’ve got more laughter-inducing designs to wish just about everyone in our lives a happy birthday than we could ever want. We got jokes, puns, play on words, and puppies galore (why are those little creatures so darn funny!?).

15. A Birthday Koala

There’s nothing particularly hilarious about this delightfully whimsical birthday card, but let’s be honest… It brings a smile to your face… Maybe even a giggle!

16. Pug-Party!

It’s hard to resist giggling at the thought of a bunch of little pugs wearing tiny little party hats. Good thing we don’t have to!

17. All the Hats

Whether you’re partying with the birthday guy/gal in person or tuning into their virtual birthday party — there’s always a need for a rockin’ birthday hat. This card by E. Frances is cute, whimsical, and most definitely pun-tastic enough to make anyone smile!

18. Birthday Corgis!

Guess what? Corgi butt! Essentially, what we’ve got here is the ultimate birthday card. Corgi butts AND puns?!

19. Birthday Alpaca

One of our most popular birthday cards ever, this card would put a smile on anyone’s face.

20. Happy Birthday!

As the number of candles on our birthday cakes get bigger and bigger, the most important present we can get is laughter. Go ahead, send em’ a giggle! funny bday card

Funny Thank You Cards

There are a million reasons to send someone a thank you card. Basically, if you’re ever unsure whether to send someone a thank you… Just do it anyway. It’s unlikely to hurt and chances are you’ll bring a little extra joy into someone’s day. Better yet, bring a little giggle with one of these funny greeting cards.

Still unsure when to send a thank you? Here are 18 examples of when to send a thank you to get you thinking with a bit of gratitude.

21. Thank EWE

If you haven’t caught on yet, we love puns. And if you’re looking to cheer someone up, puns are a surefire way to do just that!

22. Blew me away!

Simple and adorable, this card by E. Frances will surely brighten just about anyone’s mood.

23. Hey, tanks!

Three puns in a row? You betchya! Want to cheer someone up with your gesture of gratitude? This one’s got a puppy on it so you know they’ll smile.

24. Thank you…

Our work besties are true unicorns. Why not send them this funny work-related card by Knotty Cards. Chances are, it will make them giggle. Maybe consider mailing this to their home address. Or don’t. Whatever.

funny greeting card

25. My Fancy Manners

Try to be on time with this one. With all your manners and all.

funny thank you card

Funny Greeting Cards That Say I Love You

You don’t need to have a life altering event to occur in someone’s life in order to send them a greeting card and tell them how much you love them. If you haven’t been able to see the love of your life, sending them a funny love card will remind them of how excited they are to see you again. Soon, hopefully very soon!

26. The Perfect Catch

A pun. A delightful drawing. The perfect funny love you card that you can mail right now.

27. So Match-a

Yes, another pun. You can pretty much expect those to keep rolling in… This funny card would be perfect for a lover of matcha ice-cream *yum*

28. Favorite Thing to Do

Naughty love card for the win. Spice things up with a little love joke.

funny greeting card

29. Checking You Out

You know, in case they forgot. It’s always a nice reminder.

love pun greeting card

30. You’re the shit.

You’d know if your partner in crime would appreciate this or not. We’d suggest listening to your gut on this one and mail it now.

31. Hot Stuff

Last, but not least for our funny love cards would be perfect for the Siracha-loving-lover.

Funny Greeting Cards That Say I’m Sorry

Did ya screw up? We all make mistakes and we should all be wise enough to admit that while sending a funny card to apologize for our wrongdoings.

[See: 7 Reasons to Send an I’m Sorry Card]

32. #shit

Screw up? No need for a long apology, just send a short (and sweet) hashtag and they’ll know exactly just how sorry you are. [On a side note, you should probably elaborate a bit inside the card.] They’ll be so delighted by the tiny poop non-emojis on the front of the card that they’ll be quick to accept your apology!

funny greeting card

33. What was I thinking?!

Get straight to the point with this funny apology card. They’ll be too busy giggling to stay angry.

funny sorry card

34. I’ve been a prick.

Own up to your mistakes with snail mail.

funny sorry card

35. Nacho Week

Nacho year is more like it. A sorry card with a tinge of humor can really go a long way to making your buddy feel a whole lot better. And if you know someone going through an extra difficult week during this extra difficult year… You’re almost obliged to do what you can to cheer them up.

funny card

And then there’s the miscellaneous remnants of funny greeting cards.

If you haven’t caught on yet, there are about a million reasons to send a greeting card. Add the ability to make someone laugh to that list and you’ve got yourself a million and one. The rest of this list consists of any range of reasons to send a funny greeting card to someone you love.

35. Funny Pregnancy Announcement

funny pregnancy greeting card

There are a number of ways to go about announcing your pregnancy. You could post it to Instagram with a nicely staged photo, get creative with a huge announcement activity or simply mail this funny greeting card with a due date written on the inside.

38. Get well, drinking buddy!

Honesty is key. A get well card with a focus on alcohol… They’ll know it came from the heart. Happy hours (virtual or not) are most definitely in your near future.

funny get well card

40. Not a Grandpa

This design by Knotty Cards is one hell of a joke. That’s one way to ask for some money. Or maybe just give dad a mini-heart attack.

funny greeting card

41. Stay Fancy

Rounding out this delightful list of funny greeting cards with a design bound to make anyone cheer up. So go ahead and send away.

Remember: Postable will print, address and mail the cards for you.

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