7 Reasons to Send an I’m Sorry Card Right Now

7reasons_imsorrySometimes saying I’m sorry is really hard, but it’s not something you can just skip over. Sending a text or a facebook message may be all fine and well, but sending a real I’m sorry card shows them you care. You care, don’t you? Ok then. Here’s 7 reasons to send an I’m Sorry card right now. [Don’t worry, you can do it from your computer!]

1. You ate your roommate’s piece of chocolate cake.


She’d been saving the delicious chocolate gooey goodness for a couple of days. You simply couldn’t take it any more! The cake looked so lonely and chocolate-y that you gave in and devoured it despite your better judgement. Woops. You should consider replacing the cake, but a heartfelt ‘I’m sorry’ is going to go a long way when she finds out what you’ve done. Maybe do the dishes too, just in case.

2. You said some things you didn’t mean.sorry2

We all say things we don’t really mean at one point or another. It’s always a little hard to go back and apologize for our own word vomit, even when we know we were totally in the wrong. Don’t send a text. Or maybe do, but if the verbal interaction was bad enough consider sending an I’m sorry card. It’ll be just what the relationship doctor ordered. 

3. You bailed on your friend. Again.sorry8

Only a few people can honestly say they’ve never bailed out on plans for no other reason than to stay on the couch and binge watch Netflix. For those people, we say congrats to you. But for those of us who literally just can’t sometimes, we say you’ve got to apologize. Bailing out on plans once is one thing, but if you’re that friend that constantly flakes out ,chances of you getting invited to anything again are slim to none. Yet another I’m sorry text will also fall on deaf ears seeing as how it’s the third one you’ve sent this month. If you want to keep your social life afloat, send your friend a personal I’m sorry card and let them know you really are sorry. They’ll likely appreciate the gesture and may just think of you next time that can’t-miss-it bash comes up on their radar. 

4. You spilt red wine on the blouse you borrowed from your sister.


Woops. You said you’d be more careful this time, but alas old habits die hard. Your sister is not likely going to be happy when she sees her favorite white blouse covered in red blob. Go ahead, apologize in person (if you dare), but if you take the time to send her a legit I’m really sorry card maybe… Just maybe she won’t try to rip your head off the next time she sees you. 

5. You spilled the beans when you totally shouldn’t have.


Your bestie entrusted you with a little secret that probably shouldn’t have been heard by her loving boyfriend and yet somehow you let it out at just the wrong time. Even though it’s not the end of the world (unless you really let something big spill), but you should definitely still apologize if you want your friend to trust you again. 

6. You said you would, but you didn’t.sorry5

You didn’t live up to your promises. Did you tell mom and dad you’ll totally visit next weekend and then bail because there was that glow in the dark bash you just had to go to? Chances are, they planned their entire weekend around you and you never showed. A real apology is definitely necessary. 

7. You acted like a total a**hole. sorry3

You may have had a bad day or something, but that doesn’t mean you can go off on the people you care about. We all do it, but we all should also give a real apology. Send a card and make sure the people you love know how much you just didn’t mean it. Don’t make excuses, just say you’re sorry. 


Don’t worry, sending your sorry cards doesn’t have to be a drag. Just checkout Postable’s selection of I’m sorry cards, write your heartfelt apology and click send. We’ll mail the card for you. 

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