A Simple Solution For Your Business Anniversary Cards

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Running a small business means you’re always on the lookout for simple solutions to complex problems. And we totally get that. This is why we’ve created your latest favorite business solution for business anniversary cards. Why spend hours upon hours writing hundreds of cards, licking too many stamps and cramping your hand with all of those mailing addresses?

When you could just take care of this task in minutes?

If it’s your company’s one year anniversary, you should be spending your time and money elsewhere. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing.

Send all of your business anniversary cards in minutes with Postable.

happy business anniversary card
  • Upload your list of contacts.
  • Choose & customize your very own business anniversary card.
  • Write a master message (to get personalized automatically).

And click send!

That’s it.

Yes, really.

Postable will print, address and mail your company’s anniversary cards out for you. It’s a triple win!

BONUS: Automated anniversary cards.

If you’re going to mail out your cards based on individual client and employee anniversaries, the mailing dates will vary from person to person.

Don’t worry — no need to panic.

The solution is an automated system created so that you never have to think about mailing them out on time!

a robot signifying automated anniversary cards

When you upload your list of contacts, include each person’s anniversary date in your spreadsheet. Then use the auto anniversary tool to set up your project and click send.

Your anniversary cards will go out automatically throughout the year just in time for each anniversary without you having to think about them!

To get started with an automated anniversary project find the Advanced Tools on Postable.com or click here.

When to send business anniversary cards?

Celebrating well-earned milestones is an important part of keeping your spirits high as business owners. While you’re sending these cards to help boost your business (more on that later) you’re also allowing yourself to make a fuss about all the hard work that you’ve put into this thing.

a business celebrating their company anniversary

The anniversary of the start of your company.

For one, there’s the anniversary from the day that your company was started aka your own business anniversary. It’s no small task running and maintaining a successful business so don’t be shy! Let the world know you’ve been around killing it for the last year, two or TEN!

Your customer’s time with the company or service.

While celebrating your time as a company is important, it’s equally as important to mark your customer’s time with you and your company. This is applicable to just about any kind of business or service.


  • Realtors: The one year anniversary of helping your clients buy their home.
  • Product businesses: The one year anniversary of their big purchase. Check in on them to see how it’s going!
  • Any service provider: The X time anniversary of the last time you helped them. The timing for this last one will vary based on industry (hair salon vs. taxes).

Employee anniversary.

So you obviously want to boost awareness of your brand with your clients, but don’t forget about the employees that make your company run on the day-to-day. Boosting and maintaining a high employee morale is an important aspect of running any successful business. Sending your employees these greeting cards to mark the time they’ve invested into your company is a tiny gesture of gratitude that will speak volumes.

coworkers celebrating an employee anniversary

Why send company anniversary cards?

Ok, so you know when some good touch points are for business anniversary cards are, but why would you even bother sending them?

Customer retention is key.

The number one reason is customer retention. Direct mail is an easy way to boost this important metric for your own company.

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Your clients want to feel that you value them and their business. They want to feel important (don’t we all). Sending them personal snail mail is an easy way to acknowledge them and their value.

Increase sales.

At the end of the day, your ultimate goal in running just about any business is to sell something to someone. Sending these personalized business greeting cards allows you to place your branding in front of customers who have already proven that they value your service or product.

Direct mail that looks personalized and enticing has an unfathomably high open rate (as in 100% because who in their right mind would toss a lovely looking envelope with a handwritten address). So while you could send promotional emails all day long, you’ll never be able to compete with these open rates.

Build brand loyalty and generate word of mouth.

What is a business anniversary card if not a thank you note in disguise? If you treat the messaging on your anniversary cards as an opportunity to express gratitude (and avoid selling anything), your clients will be struck with all the fuzzy feelings.

word of mouth illustration

It is incredibly rare for companies to mail out personal [handwritten] thank you notes. This act of gratitude will stand out to your customers who will then be converted from simple customers to life-long brand loyalists.

And brand loyalists will help you boost your word of mouth like no others!

Custom business anniversary cards you can send in minutes.

Convinced you need to be jumping on this band wagon asap?

We thought so. This is why we’ve made sending company anniversary cards a total breeze. The following card designs can be mailed straight from your computer without so much as lifting your finger (except to click send).

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Happy Anniversary!

This anniversary card is simple and easy on the eyes. You can customize your company’s name right on the front. We love the color scheme of this one and the use of a simple bolded font, but you can change the colors to match your branding if you wish. Write your message and send this card here.

rustic business anniversary card design

Ten years of service!

Or you know, one is good too. This simple, yet effective design is perfect for catching your clients’ attention. You can change the wording to say whatever you’d like. Celebrating 3 years? Great, change the text AND color scheme to match your needs. Customize and send this card here.

10 years of service business anniversary cards

A classy anniversary.

Looking for something a bit classier? This lovely design is the perfect business anniversary card if your branding fits more with a scripted font and a minimalistic approach. Save the nitty gritty details of thanks for the inside of the greeting card. Write your message and send this card here.

a classic script happy anniversary card

Anniversary Logo Cards

If you’d like to include your logo on the front of your cards, you can use any one of Postable’s Logo Greeting cards. Customize the main text, logo and color scheme to match your needs.

There you have it.

An easy solution to a complex problem.

Get started by signing up for your free Postable account.