20 Questions with Kellie Brubaker from Two Pooch Paperie

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I have been working as a Graphic Designer on stationery and invitations since 2003 for companies such as Design Design, Inc. and American Greetings. More recently, I held a position with a marketing/design studio, creating print materials for both large and small businesses. While I still enjoy the marketing end of Graphic Design, my true love is designing stationery and invitations.

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1. What’s your favorite book?

I loved Bossypants by Tina Fey.

2. Favorite movie?

This is like asking a mother which is her favorite kid. Saying I love movies is an understatement. One movie I can watch over and over and never get sick of is Love Actually.

3. Favorite TV show?

Friends is still a staple for me.  I watch it on Netflix all the time.

4. Favorite song?

Wide Open Spaces­ Dixie Chicks.

5. Favorite food?

Ice cream

6. Drink of choice?

Diet coke from McDonalds. There is a difference, trust me.

7. Go­to karaoke song?

The Lady is a Tramp by Frank Sinatra

8. When did you realize you wanted to be a designer?

I was a year out of college (my first degree was in English) and I was trying to figure out how to make a CD cover for my sister’s wedding (pre-digital everything days). I thought to myself, “Wait this is what I want to do for a living”

9. Did you go to design school or teach yourself?

I went back to school for a second go round. Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

10. If you had to describe your style with only three words what would they be?

Playful, modern, happy

11. When did you start your company?


12. Where is your studio located?

Berea, Ohio. A suburb of Cleveland. I just moved the studio out of my house in January and it is luxurious 😉

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13. What’s your favorite card of yours on Postable?

“I like your baby”. I can still picture the moment I wanted it to be on a card. I was in line at Target with my (then) 6 month old son. I was out of it and pretty haggard from having a 6 month old and a little girl in line in front of me said “I like your baby.” It was so sweet and simple and great that I wanted to put it on a card.

14. What artists, past or present, inspire your work?

I love Leah Duncan’s style so much.  I have a ton of her artwork up in my house.

15. If you had to choose a spirit animal what would it be and

According to a Buzz Feed quiz I just took, a Sloth. You’re as cool as a cucumber, and you love to go with the flow. Your favorite activities include eating, sleeping, and eating again.

16. When was the last time you laughed really hard and why?

With my sister trying on a pair of her (very tight) overalls from the 90’s.

17. How would you spend your dream Saturday?

Sleep in then watch a movie in bed, snuggled up with my hubs, son and dogs. Then walking down to the park with said family, while a fair godmother cleaned my house and made us a delicious home cooked meal and did the dishes after.

18. If you weren’t allowed to work for 12 months, what would you do?

Travel and eat.

19. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Somewhere in the Adirondacks ­ probably close to Lake Placid.

20. Was this questionnaire too long?

No but now I can’t stop thinking about a diet coke from Mickey D’s.

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