6 Cards to Send Your Noisy Neighbor|Weekly Card Roundup

The weekly card roundup… We’ve gathered together some of our greatest and most prestigious cards to bring you a collection only Postable is capable of pulling together: Cards to Send Your Noisy Neighbor. That’s right. Enjoy.

funny_congrats_cardgreen tie studio

They see a quirky congratulations card. You see: literally, please SHUT the door! It’s likely that their front door is already shut, but it may as well be a curtain… the noise has a magical way of making it through without any problems.

fun_whale_thank_you_cardbench pressed

They see a lovely, if not flat out adorable little thank you card. You see: Big thanks for sounding like a whale lives above me.

fun_grad_congrats_card2bench pressed

They see a thoughtful and rather encouraging card sent by their closest and nicest neighbors… You see: That tug-o-war you orchestrated right outside my window last Saturday at 7am was the most brilliant idea to ever exist on this Earth. Truly, brilliant (you asshole).

fingers_crossed_good_luck_cardbench pressed

They see a charming good luck card. You see: Holy shit! Please be smart enough to land that new job that’s a 139823720198 miles away!

I_Cant_even_cardnear modern disaster

They see an amusing, if not touching, regret and sorry card. You see: Literally. I can’t even. Why didn’t get that job!?!

baby_blue_twin_birth_announcementThey see a charming photo of the newest addition to your household on the most gorgeous birth announcement they’ve ever seen! You see: Revenge. hehe

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