Congratulations Messages: How to Write a Stellar Congratulations Card

Congratulations messages are all about praising someone’s achievements — whether it be a personal one like an engagement or a professional one like a promotion. So as long as your congratulations message is sincere– there’s really no wrong timing for a congrats card. Heck, if your aunt Susan was giddy about growing her first tomato in her brand new veggie garden, why not send along your congratulations. After all, growing food is kind of a big deal!

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Getting a congratulations card versus just a congratulations message via text or email is usually more meaningful. At the end of the day, getting a congratulations card gives you all the feels because it reinforces something in your life you’re probably already stoked about. Wouldn’t you want to do that for someone in your life? And while others are filling up a Facebook wall with congratulations messages — you’ll be the one to send a real hold-in-your-hand congratulations greeting card. One with a pretty design that you picked out with a personal message. What’s more special than that?!?

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How do you write a congratulations messages?

Of course we’ll get into the details shortly, but if we zoom out for a moment and break the congratulations message down there are a few key elements you can use as a guide as you write your card.

Keep your message short, sweet, and to the point. 

Typically, you’re writing your congratulations messages inside a congratulations card which means your space is limited. So, no matter how excited you are for the recipient you need to refrain from going into too long of a narrative. You don’t need to write a novel to wish someone a congratulations. 

Be sincere in your message.

If you’re not actually happy for the recipient, it might show in your message. Which of course begs the question: why send a congratulations message in the first place? Whether you’re truly stoked for them or simply writing the card out of etiquette, make sure you keep the message down to earth and as sincere as is polite. 

Send your congratulations messages in a timely manner. 

If you put a newborn congratulations card in the mail 11 months after the birth, the kid is no longer an actual newborn. Just hold off another month and send them a first birthday card instead. If you want to actually congratulate someone on something awesome happening in their lives, the message should reach them while that awesome thing is still rather fresh.

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General congratulations messages

The following message samples can be applied to most any congratulations message. If you continue scrolling, you’ll find examples more specific to each instance. 

You can definitely use these more generic messages on most everyday congratulatory instances.

Simple congrats messages that can be included in any congratulations message. 

  • You did it! 
  • Way to go! 
  • Congrats on making it happen. 
  • Congratulations on your latest success.

A sentiment of looking ahead to the future.

When something big happens, not only does it provide an opportunity for celebration — it’s also a great time to reflect on how this achievement changes the future. Helping your recipient look ahead is a great addition to any congratulations message. 


  • Proud of you for opening even more doors for yourself and your future.
  • Here’s to you and your bright (new) future!
  • I don’t know what I’m most excited for–– the magic you just pulled off or the magic you’re bound to create in the days ahead. Looking forward to seeing where you go from here. 
  • Your efforts paid off! Congratulations on making things happen. Cheers to your bright future!
  • Cheers to what’s ahead!
  • Cheers to your next great accomplishment!


  • Congratulations on this next chapter in your life. We look forward to seeing what’s up ahead in your future.
  • Your recent accolades are all well deserved. I look forward to bearing witness to your next great accomplishment. 

Congratulations without saying “Congratulations”

  • You’ve done it, you magic unicorn, you! 
  • Way to get it. We’ve been rooting for you all along!
  • I’m so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. 
  • All of your hard work has officially paid off. 
  • Consider this a silent applause for all the incredible work you’ve put in recently.
  • Great work, you deserve all the recognition in the world.

Congratulations on your new baby

Why share words of congrats? 

Giving birth is kind of a big deal. Actually it’s a huge deal. The parents are likely in a constant state of loopy sleepless goodness. Not only is it customary to wish them a huge congrats for bringing life into this world, but it’s also a nice reminder that they’re going to be (and already are) great parents. 

How to congratulate someone with a newborn baby: sample messages.


  • Way to make a human! 
  • Welcome to the new parent club! No, sleep is not on the agenda any time soon.
  • Your bun is done! Hooray!
  • Your kid is already better dressed than me. Congrats on making a beautiful human.


  • Congratulations on bringing life into this world!
  • All the love to you and the family.
  • Congratulations! We are sharing in your family’s newest joy. 
  • Wishing you all the joy in the world during this exciting time in you and your child’s life.  

Full sample congratulatory messages for newborn baby.

Dearest Joan & Mike, 

We were so thrilled to hear of your baby’s birth last Wednesday! Can’t wait to meet the little nugget and love her as much as we love you both. Sending y’all a basket of love, joy, and sleep –– lots of sleep. 


Kali & Josh

Wedding congratulations

Why share words of congrats?

Whether or not you were invited to the wedding, sending a wedding congratulations card is a good idea. If you were in attendance at the wedding, then it’s kind of a must. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself during the celebration. Either way, make sure they know you had a good time and send along your best wishes — starting a life together is no small task!

How to congratulate the bride and groom: sample messages.

  • Cheers to a future filled with love, joy, and health!
  • Congratulations on tying the knot. We love you both and look forward to being part of your new life together.
  • Congratulations on becoming husband and wife!
  • Congratulations on your growing love.

Full sample congratulatory messages for wedding.

Lynn and Lisa,

Your wedding was absolutely stunning! Congratulations on making the commitment and starting a new life together. We couldn’t be more proud of you both individually and can’t wait to see the life you build for one another.

All our love,

Michael and Jill

Congratulations messages for graduation

Why share words of congrats with the graduate?

They’ve pulled all-nighters, took endless exams, and racked up more student loans than they care to think about. They deserve a little (or giant) congratulations. Whether it’s from high school or college — sending a graduation congratulations message is always a nice thing to do. They’ll need all the best wishes they can get — starting out in the real world can be quite scary.

How to congratulate a graduate: sample messages.

  • You did it! Congrats on your graduation.  
  • Way to kill your final year at school. We’re so proud of your academic accomplishments and can’t wait to see what you do next. Congratulations!
  • Congrats and welcome to the adulting club. It sucks here. You’ll love it!
  • You’ve put in the work and now you’re reaping the benefits. Congrats on graduating with such high honors. Your future’s so bright! 

Full sample congratulatory messages for a new graduate.


You have truly exceeded all expectations with your academic achievements in the last four years; we are so proud of you. Congratulations on finishing strong and graduating with so many accolades! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. 


Your Aunt Lucy & Uncle John

Congratulations and a job well done on your promotion

Why share words of congrats?

Getting promoted at work is a big deal especially if it’s something the person has been working on for a while. If you’ve heard them talk about this goal of theirs that’s finally come true — make sure they know that you’ve been listening by giving them your congrats!

How to congratulate someone on a promotion: sample messages.

  • Many congrats on your recent promotion! 
  • You put in the work and now you’re reaping the rewards –– congratulations!
  • Way to level up! 
  • Your dedication and drive is contagious and your recent promotion is so well deserved. Congratulations! 
  • Your work speaks for itself. Great job and congratulations on leveling up!

Full sample congratulatory messages for a promotion.


Congratulations on your promotion; I can’t think of a more deserving person. You’ve worked so hard and I’m so happy your efforts have been recognized. Looking forward to celebrating your success with you soon!



Congratulations messages for any big accomplishment

Why share words of congrats?

Ok so job promotions aside, there are other big accomplishments. Training for and running a marathon, moving out for the first time, landing that first grownup job, having an art showing, acting in a play, and so on. Depending on each person, there’s a million other ways someone you know may have achieved something. If there’s someone you know who’s been hard at work trying to attain something — whether it’s making that home veggie garden work or making a giant LEGO city for the kid — it’s a big accomplishment.

How to congratulate someone on any big success: sample messages.

  • Way to go! You’ve done the undoable and finished that novel you’ve been talking about for years. So proud of you. 
  • Congrats on finishing your thesis. I know how hard it’s been to focus lately and your perseverance is inspiring. 
  • Congrats on raising the funds required to build the new playground. Your skill and tenacity really made this happen; way to go!

Full sample congratulatory messages after a big achievement.


Congratulations on planning and hosting the ultimate family reunion. They said it couldn’t be done, yet you totally pulled it off. Everyone had a blast; even uncle Barney couldn’t stop laughing during the potato hop.


The Smiths

P.S. Unfortunately this means you’re now the designated family reunion coordinator for the rest of time.

Engagements congratulations messages

Why share words of congrats?

Getting engaged is the first step to many big life events. Someone you know (possibly two someones) just agreed on making one hell of a commitment to one another. That calls for a big congrats and your best wishes.

How to congratulate someone on an engagement: sample messages.

  • Congratulations on the engagement. Can’t wait to reap the benefits (aka open bar).
  • You found the one; congrats on getting engaged! We’re so happy for you both.
  • Sending you all the love in the world during this joyous time in your lives. Congratulations on the engagement.

Full sample congratulatory messages after an engagement.

Joey and Mark,

We were so thrilled to hear of your engagement. Your love is contagious! We couldn’t think of two people more suitable for one another and more in love. Can’t wait to celebrate and make all the memories with you two at your engagement party next week. Until then, drink a little extra bubbly for us.

Love you both,

Christina and Cole

Congratulate someone on retirement

Why share words of congrats?

If you know someone — whether personally or professionally — who’s retiring, acknowledging this new phase with a card is a lovely gesture. Wish them all the best while congratulating them for taking this next journey.

How to congratulate someone on retirement: sample messages.

  • Time to relax! Happy retirement.
  • Happy retirement, Joann. We’re so grateful to have worked with you and we’re excited for your next adventure.
  • Happy retirement! Every day is Saturday from here on out.
  • Cheers to a happy retirement. 
  • Happy retirement, Edmund. You’ve inspired so many with your work; now it’s time to inspire us all with your retirement journey.

Full sample congratulatory messages for the newly retired.


It’s been an honor working with you over the course of the last decade. Your tenacity and dedication will forever be legend, and your heart and pure joy will be felt for generations to come. 

Enjoy your retirement!

All the best,

Bianca and the Vandalay Team

Congratulations on winning (sports)

Why share words of congrats?

If you’ve ever played sports, then you know that winning is as exciting as it gets. When you know someone who went to a championship or maybe won their very first game at something — they’re going to be pretty darn excited. Why not boost that excitement and show them you care with congratulations!

How to congratulate someone on winning a sport: sample messages.

  • Congrats on the big win, you are on a roll!
  • Congratulations on taking the win last Saturday. Keep up the great work! 
  • We’re so proud of all the hard work you’ve been putting into your practices. It’s obviously paid off; congratulations on winning your first game!
  • Congrats on taking gold at competitions last weekend! You’re a rockstar!
  • Congratulations on winning the championship. Hope you celebrated the accomplishment!
  • Way to go! Your first match and you took the gold. Your positive attitude and commitment to the sport is truly commendable.

Full sample congratulatory messages for a big win.


Congratulations on the big win last weekend. I’m so proud of your dedication to your craft and most importantly your team. Your hard work has obviously paid off and I’m excited to keep cheering you on!



Congrats on starting a new business

Why share words of congrats?

Starting your own business is no small feat. It can actually be quite terrifying. There are so many unknowns and so much at risk and yet people still go out and give it all they got for a chance to make their own businesses a reality. It’s a big deal. Sending them a congratulations message can boost morale and is generally just a nice gesture.

How to congratulate someone on starting a new business: sample messages.

  • You actually took the plunge and are making your dreams a reality. YAS QUEEN.  
  • You’ve done it. You’ve started your own business and I couldn’t be more happy for you. Congratulations on being a totally bad*ss. 
  • Congratulations on starting your business. I’ll always be your #1 fan.
  • Congrats on turning your crazy idea into a tangible not-so-crazy reality. I’m in awe of your determination and skills as a business owner. 
  • Congratulations on the grand opening of your new business. So excited to see how your ideas unfold.

Full sample congratulatory messages for someone who just started a new business.


Congratulations on the grand opening of your Inn. I heard it was an absolute success and I’m not even remotely surprised. You are incredibly talented and I’m looking forward to watching your business grow. 



Congratulations on your new home

Why share words of congrats?

Buying a new home is no small task. In fact, it’s a huge task that’s often accompanied by a great deal of stress (and money). So yea, a little ‘congrats on not pulling out all your hair’ is appropriate. Or something along those lines.

How to congratulate someone on a new home: sample messages.

  • Congrats on the big move! Can’t wait to visit just as soon as you finish unpacking. 
  • Congratulations on your new home and welcome to adulthood.  
  • Congrats on taking the leap and buying your first house. We’re excited to help you turn your it into a home.

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