27 Seriously Funny Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnant?! First of all — congratulations! This is kind of a big deal. 

Looking for a fun way to announce your pregnancy?! Then you’ve come to the right place! We scoured the world of Pinterest and found the funniest possible ways to do just that.

Take a gander at all the funny ways to announce your pregnancy:

1. Oh shit.

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2. Gotta love parenthood.

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3. Oh, baby!

4. What’s One More?


5. Quarantine Baby

6. Officially outnumbered.


7. Daddy Mode: ON

8. Coffee surprise.


9. Eating for two.

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10. Twins!


11. Big Diaper Energy

12. All the bellies.


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13. Surprise!


14. Ice Ice Baby!


15. Pup vs. Baby.


16. Use the dog… Always use the dog.


17. A sweet gender reveal.


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18. He gets a human!!


19. He’ll make a good big bro.


20. The tie-breaker coming soon!


21. Gotta love pregnancy puns!


22. Don’t panic!


23. Eviction notice.


24. That’s just cute!


25. What’s round two?


26. Pregnancy puns for the win!


27. Pregnancy announcement for the Potter fans!