How to Postable: Ordering a Box of Cards

Everyone knows that Postable makes sending snail mail as easy as email, but did you know we can also mail you a box of cards? Sure, we print, address and mail the cards out for you, but if you’re feeling crafty and want to write the cards yourself or place an extra photo inside we’ll mail you a box. You can choose to have the envelopes addressed or not and we can even mail you a box of cards with messages already inside. Whatever you fancy, we got you covered. HowTo

Whether you’re ordering folded or flat cards, follow these steps to send yourself a box of cards.Spring11

Folded cards (with a message inside)

First, choose and customize the card that you’d like. Once you’re in the writing desk click on the Options drop down.
steps_box_cards_01 steps_box_cards_02

Folded cards (blank inside)

Once you know the card that you’d like, simply click the ”Or Buy Blank Cards’ hyperlink below the ‘Start Writing’ button. steps_box_cards_01

Flat cards

Once you’ve chosen and customized your card, you’ll be prompted by the site with the following steps. Just choose the one you prefer and move on to the next step.steps_box_cards_03 steps_box_cards_04


  • Postable

    The ‘extra cards’ button will give you same design with blank inside and blank envelopes. Because each project can only have one ‘mailing method’ you’d need to re-create a new project (re-design and re-create the message) and select the ‘box’ option with blank envelopes. So in your cart you will end up with 2 separate projects. This can get a little tricky, if you email our customer support, they’ll be happy to take you through it.

    We accept jpeg or png 🙂

  • Sheina

    Thanks for the reply. By blanks you mean non addressed cards but they have the same images and information as the other cards correct? I just want some cards to hand out that are exactly the same as the mailed ones. Also if I buy a card I like on a website like, Etsy and I upload it does it have to be a jpeg or PDF or other format? I saw the dimensions but I didn’t see the file type. Thanks

  • Postable

    Yup. If you create a project that’s set to have the cards mailed out directly, you can select to ‘Add extra cards’ in the cart to the project. These ‘extra cards’ are blanks that are mailed directly to you.

    If you need help setting this up, email and they’ll help you out 🙂

  • Sheina Hammerman

    Is it possible to do both? Meaning addressed, stamped and sent to the person along with some cards non addressed and sent to me? There are people at work that want to just hand out cards to.

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