20 Ways to Start Off A Greeting Card

So you know how to sign off a greeting card thanks to our handy-dandy post on 55 ways to sign off a greeting card, but do you know how to start one?! Not to worry, we’ve decided to give you a diverse set of options just for you. And if you’re about to embark on a thank you note writing journey, you may be interested in checking out the ultimate guide to writing a thank you note (because you’re definitely not the only one who doesn’t know). 

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Not everyone possesses the skills to write a concise and delightful greeting message, but we’ve thought ahead for you and created a whole list of ways to start such a greeting. If you happen to be writing thank you notes, you can also checkout our ultimate guide to writing a thank you note that will have every detail you need to write a killer thank you.

1. Dear ___,

2. Howdy!

3. Miss/ Mrs./ Mr. 

4. Hey Girl!

5. Hi!

6. Hello.


7. Aloha!

8. Greetings!

9. To whom it may concern,

10. Hola!

11. Bonjour!

12. Sup.

13. To: _______

14. Hey!

15. G’day!

16. Shalom!

17. How goes it?

18. How you doing?

19. Hi-ya!

20. Yo!