Not sure how to address wedding invitations? Perhaps you’re still stuck on how to address save the dates? Chances are, you’re not the only one. Nothing to stress about. It’s not like you find yourself addressing envelopes on the daily. Getting married typically means you’re going to discover just how much you may not know about snail mail. First thing’s first. Do you have the mailing addresses of everyone on your guest list? If you skipped that first step, you may want to go back. Don’t worry, collecting physical mailing addresses doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. Postable’s free wedding address book makes collecting addresses a total breeze.HPsee_button-1Once you have your guests’ wedding addresses in hand and are ready to take the first step to addressing wedding invitations, you’ll need to make a few simple decisions. Main one being, how you’d like your envelopes to be addressed. In other words: the formality level. Are you going for a more traditional approach — keeping the envelopes as formal as it gets– or maybe something more casual? There are a number of little nit picky rules you may want to review. Like what to do if the couple has different last names? Should you list all of the children’s’ names or just put “And Family”? What if they’re a couple, but not married? What if one’s a doctor?! Feeling overwhelmed yet?

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