28 Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Longtime Lover


beautiful-quirky-valentines-day-cardSo we’ve covered the quirky funny valentine’s day cards, the saucy valentine’s day cards, and even the long distance valentines! How about we show you some of our favorite valentine’s day cards to send to the sweetie that’s been by your side day in and day out!? The repeat valentine, if you will… The one that’s been celebrating the chocolate giving and slow dancing holiday with you for years. Here’s some of our favorite valentine’s day cards for the longterm sweetheart <3

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11 Valentine’s Day Cards for Long Distance Relationships

Are you lucky to have a spectacular Valentine for this year’s Day of Love aka Vday? But not so lucky to have them be far away? Long distance relationships are hard af and we’re not going to pretend to know much about them. We will, however, say this — sending Valentine’s Day cards for long distance relationships is kind of a must. If that’s not already obvious, it really should be. Is your significant other far away for Valentine’s Day!? Don’t forget to send them a little reminder that you’re thinking of them with a delightful little card. Pick a card that speaks to the nature of your relationship (aka long distance love) or just the two of you and write a personal message filled with all sorts of loving goodness. Not sure what to write? It’s cool — we’ll have a few tips below to get your romantic wheels turning.  Continue reading

Our 10 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Cards


Romantic Valentine Cards | 12 Days of Valentines

Do you often find yourself dreaming up romantic candle-light dinners and starlit walks down the beach with your sweetheart?! This may be the day for you… The day of the romantic valentine cards is here. We know you’ve been waiting allllll these days (all of the 5 days that is) until your romantic day had come. Well, it’s here. So take a gander at our epic lovey-dovey collection valentine’s day card and swoon.

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10 of the year’s Sauciest Valentine’s Cards



Playful Valentine Cards | 12 Days of Valentines

So… you found your funny valentine a card then you went and got your sweetie a sweet valentine card and you even managed to send your friendly valentine card! Now you’re getting to the good stuff. The playful valentine cards are only the bestest of the valentine cards out there. Maybe that’s a bit subjective, sure… But who doesn’t love to play 😉

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12 Days of Valentines: Friendly Valentine Cards

Friendly Valentine Cards | 12 Days of Valentines


[Did you catch: Funny Valentine Cards & Sweet Valentine Cards]
hand-painted-youre-a-peach-friend-cardYou’ve sent your funny valentine and then your sweet valentine, but what about your friendly valentine?! You definitely don’t want to forget all those moments your friends have been there for you on all the days of days – Valentine’s Day! Send your favorite friendly valentine cards with Postable. It literally couldn’t be easier to mail some friendly mail then with a couple of clicks.

After all your friends have done for you, sending them some friendly valentine cards is the least you can do. That… and maybe a hug. Just a suggestion.

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12 Days of Valentine: Sweet Valentine Cards

Sweet Valentine Cards | 12 Days of Valentines


[Did you see the 1st day: Funny Valentine Cards]


For those of us who prefer to shower our valentines with romantic sweet goodness, these sweet valentine cards are for you. Remember, nobody said anything about only sending one valentine’s day card… if you already sent a valentine’s day card that tickled a certain funny bone, there’s no harm in sending a sweet valentine card right after.

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19 Delightful Engagement Photos for Awesome Photo Save the Dates (courtesy of Pinterest)

engagement photoAre you ready to create your save the dates? How much fun are you having scrolling through pages and pages of Pinterest boards looking for fun engagement photo ideas?! We want to get your juices going a bit more. Here are some fun ideas to get you thinking about that photo you’ll be using for your save the dates! Save the dates are the perfect time to introduce your guests to your wedding theme so go have some fun! Continue reading

8 Cards That Say “I Love You” (Without Actually Saying It)

Valentines day is coming up and all those “I love you’s” will be thrown around left and right! If you decide the same ole’ expression just isn’t going to cut it this year… Some of our amazing designers chose to express their love differently… Here are some cards that let your special someone know they’re loved with a little pizazz!

You can always check out our card collection at Postable.com.


Roast Chestnuts by Goodputty Design


Hot Stuff by Shed Letterpress


BFF Heart by Postable


Groovy Hippo by Goodputty Design


I’m Yours Conversation Hearts by Everything Little Miss


 Stop Trying by Near Modern Disaster


Melt With You by Silas Tom


Hubba Hubba by Happy Cactus Designs

We have a bunch more awesome-ly awesome cards on the site! Check out the Love & Friendship collection OR just click Here.

Is your favorite Valentines Day card from Postable not here? Share your favorite card below in the comments!