Father’s Day Cards for Dummies | A Story in GIFs

You could say that Father’s Day cards are dummy proof. You’d be right, of course. But for the sake of GIFs everywhere, let’s pretend this step-by-step guide is 100% necessary.

You can send a real Father’s Day card in minutes without leaving your home. Postable will print, address, and mail it for you.

Father’s Day Cards… A Story in GIFs.

Preparations begin…

When Father’s Day is around the corner you’ve got a sneaking suspicion there’s something you should be doing…

But life gets in the way sometimes.

And when Father’s day is a little over a week away and you realize, you haven’t prepared a thing.

First things first –– don’t panic.

Because you can still send dad a Father’s day card right now…

And still have enough time to plan the perfect Father’s Day (Need ideas? Check out these 27 brilliant Father’s Day activities dad will love.)

How to send dad a Father’s Day Card?

We’ve enlisted Johnny Rose to help explain just how easy it is to send a Father’s Day card with Postable for your enjoyment.

Step 1. Go to Postable & choose a Father’s Day card (start here).

Choose the card that you think dad will like.

If he likes to giggle…

Punny Father’s Day cards are all the rage.

If he’s a handy man…

There’s Father’s Day cards with handy tools on em’ too.

And if at the end of the day dad is really just the classiest…

We’ve got classy cards for days.

Step. 2 Write your dad a message.

You’ve got a card. Now it’s time to write a message straight from the heart.

This part is really up to you.

Tell dad just how much he means to you and how much you appreciate all that he’s done.

Try to shower him with as much love as possible.

But also, keep it short.

You’re not writing a novel — keep your Father’s Day card message short and sweet (and extra loving).

Now what?

Step 3. Click ‘Send’ aka Postable mails your dad the card for you.

If you picked one of Postable’s Father’s Day cards all you’ve got to do now is click SEND.


Just click send and we’ll print, address and mail dad’s card for you.

Now, sit back and plan something extra special with the whole fam.

You can send a real Father’s Day card in minutes without leaving your home. Postable will print, address and mail it for you.