22 Funny Birthday Cards to Send Someone With a Sense of Humor

Who doesn’t love their share of funny birthday cards? Nobody! That’s who. Because funny birthday cards reminds us it’s our special day AND it usually brings a little giggle. What more could anyone ever want?!

Checkout this list of deliriously funny birthday cards to send someone with a sense of humor… Maybe think twice before sending your grandmother a Happy Birthday From Your Bitches! card.
1. You should really be the one getting the card, after all you remembered! b_8Send it now

2. For the friend that’s probably been posting a birthday countdown on Instagram for the past two weeks. To them we say, WOW!b_21Send it now

3. We wouldn’t suggest sending this one to your boss. b_20Send it now

4. We’re all pretty busy what with all the social media we gotta keep up with. Every now and then, we’re bound to forget a birthday or two. b_19Send it now

5. What funny birthday card is complete without a lovable play on words?! b_3Send it now

6. Again, be weary of who you send this funny birthday card to. b_18Send it now

7. The perfect birthday card for the ball athlete in your life!b_17Send it now

8. Nothing says funny birthday cards like a self-deprecating messageb_16Send it now

9. A birthday card for that friend that never ceases to state the obvious. b_15Send it now

10. Or Congrats on staying alive!!b_14Send it now

11. Hey, at least you remembered.
b_12Send it now

12. Puns! Puns for everyone!b_22Send it now

13. A birthday card that’ll make them feel real special.
b_11Send it now

14. Maybe re-think sending this to your mom. b_13Send it now

15. The perfect birthday card for that friend who’s turning 29 for the 4th time. b_10Send it now

16. Giving thanks is important.b_7Send it now

17. For your healthy-ish friends.b_9Send it now

18. Who doesn’t love a good pun?b_6Send it now

19. Sorry, Cass-what?b_1Send it now

20. Hey Dummy!b_5Send it now

21. Sorry, what is this image?b_4Send it now

22. Puns. Puns. More Puns. b_2Send it now

The best part about sending all these funny birthday cards? You don’t even have to get out of your PJs to send them. Yup. Postable will mail them all for you. BOOM.