Nothing like a new puppy to make up for 2020. Adding a new furry family member into your home is one of the most exciting things that could happen. Of course, you want to share the big news with everyone! But how? Puppy announcements, duh! There are a few different ways you could share your new furry family member — social media is a given, but what about real-hold-in-your-hands-snail-mail type of puppy announcements? Either way, we’ve got some fun quirky ideas to get you inspired.

One of the most fun parts — and there are plenty — about getting a new puppy is getting to name them. And while all pups are amazing little creatures, you want to name yours something unique. Good news! Keep scrolling for 18 quirky puppy name ideas you can use.

Dog breed Welsh corgi pembroke for a walk in the beautiful forest.

But first…

How do you announce a new puppy?

While you’re unlikely to hold off texting your bestie a few photos of your new little friend and you may even add a few boomerangs to your latest Instagram story, that doesn’t mean you can’t give your new puppy a proper announcement. Puppy announcements can absolutely come after you’ve already kind-of-sort-of shared the news. 

Here are some fun ways to share your puppy announcements.


Real hold-in-you-hand paper puppy announcements.

Yes, really! Your friends and family will swoon over your new little family member and immediately text you how much they LOVE your card. Plus, there really is no better way to feel like a real adult than mailing everyone you know beautiful snail mail. 

Here are just a few of our favorites. 

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Simple Wood Puppy Announcement

Your puppy is already the star of your show, why not keep your announcement simple and keep the puppy photo the focus of attention. This card is perfect for just that. But also, how cute is that tiny little dog bone accent?

new puppy announcement

Blue Little Paw Print Announcement

How paw-some is this puppy announcement? Customize the design with your puppy’s details and let their adorable little face say hello!

blue photo puppy announcement

Simple Border Overlay Puppy Announcement

This card is perfect if you have a great horizontal image that you’re dying to share with everyone. It’s super simple and the white border adds just the perfect little something.

simple border puppy announcement

Hand Lettered Font Overlay Announcement

The fun and playful font on this card — that is totally customizable by the way — balances the simplicity of the rest of the design. Add the perfect horizontal photo of your new pup and let their adorable little faces speak for themselves.

adorable new puppy announcement

Bright WOOF Puppy Announcement

This color-filled pup card template is perfect for a pup with a lot of personality. It’s also great if you have two new little friends to announce (lucky you!!). If not, you have the ability to upload two separate images of your new dog to show off a couple of different angles! Something tells us there’s no shortage of images to choose from.

colorful puppy announcement

Polka Dot Puppy Announcement

Colorful, yet somehow subtle all at once. Add your own photo and customize the details and you’ve got yourself a delightful little announcement. Also… Mr. Pickles?! YES please. 

polka dot puppy announcement

Social media puppy announcements.

Social media is inescapable. We get it. You want to post a photo. Well, why not send a puppy announcement that’ll come in the mail (yay for saving the post office) and a cute little snapshot on the gram?

Here are a few ideas we thought were too adorable and funny not to share.

We’re expecting.

A little letter board, a few puppy accessories and of course a plant. Can’t forget a plant!


Take a photo of your new puppy with items from your hobbies or line of work.

A real fur baby. 

You’ve seen this version taken with non-fur-babies. Why not do it with your pup?

What are some cute puppy names?

So you’ve got some ideas on how you’ll share the big news and announce your puppy, but what about naming the little gal/guy!? We got you covered there too.

Here are 18 quirky af (honestly, did you expect anything else) puppy names to get you inspired. 

1. Dog the dog.

Literally, name your dog — Dog. If you ever lose your memory, this name will be pretty darn easy to remember. It’s also pretty funny.

2. Chewy

Hopefully, it’s not because your new pup likes to chew your things… But because he(or she) is just the chewiest looking puppy out there! Plus if you’re a Star Wars fan, this is a good way to pay tribute.

3. Mr. Pickles

Because you like pickles and it makes for a really fun dog name.

4. Dobby

Harry Potter fan? Then you’ll know what an honor it would be for your pup to carry that name!

5. Sir Henry.

Because you’ve always liked the whole English proper thing and your new pup is pretty much a British Knight in the fur.

6. Paperclip

You don’t always need a reason.

7. Special Agent Jack Bauer aka ‘Jack’

If you get a kick out of imagining your new pup is the new spy on the block. Also if not and you just like that show. That’s cool too.

8. Beans

Because it’s cute and your new dog is cute. Makes perfect sense.

9. Fish

This one makes no sense at all. Which makes it perfectly quirky.

10. Mister Miyagi

Perhaps your new dog is the epitome of zen. This quirky puppy name would be perfect.

11. Peanut

Is your new dog destined to be big? Girl or Boy, it doesn’t matter — name your big furry friend Peanut for pure irony (and giggles).

12. Noodles

So that when you leave the house, you can say ‘Toodles, Noodles!’

13. Latke

Are you sensing a theme here? Food is pretty much the best thing in the world so why not honor it by naming your dog your favorite meal. In this case, it’s potato pancakes. Who doesn’t love potato pancakes? What were we talking about?

14. Taco

Taco Tuesdays are your jam so it’s a perfect fit! Little Taco may even win you some free tacos next time you bring him/her to your neighborhood spot.

15. Virginia Woof

If you’re a literature fan, this little pun inspired doggy name is perfect.

16. Hairy Pawter

Another pun inspired name for the win. But you have to say paw-ter and get a giggle each time!

17. Nigel

Because it sounds serious and sometimes that’s funny.

18. Pies

The word ‘dog’ in Polish. Or really take the word ‘dog’ and translate it to any language.

Don’t you wish you could get all the puppies? Seriously, who wouldn’t?

Now that you’ve looked through some seriously adorable puppy inspiration — what will you be naming your little buddy? Still not sure? Use the buttons below each one of the puppy announcements to test out whatever name you’re thinking about to see how it looks on paper. And if you’re ready to tell the world that you’re a brand new puppy parent — all you have to do is click send.

Postable will print, address and mail them all out for you!