10 Gifs That Prove Puppies Make the Best Valentines

Dog sleepingHappy February! The month of love has arrived and we’re all about it. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, all things love surrounds us. This got us to thinking about the ultimate most perfect Valentine that there ever could be. The answer just about jumped out at us. Puppies. All the puppies. Who needs humans when puppies exist?! Ok so maybe human Valentines are good too, but these puppy GIFs prove that puppies pretty much rule the world. And Valentine’s Day.

Still with us?

Good. Puppy Gifs coming your way…

(And remember, in the time it takes you to enjoy these gifs you could send your real human Valentine a Valentine’s Day card. And we’ll even mail it for you — here.)LEVERETPAPERIE111

But first, why puppies make the best Valentines:

They’re the best flirts.

And they look so darn cute doing it… Just look at this little wink!

Even if their flirting is kind of weird, we still love them.

They’re the perfect companions.

They’re happy to accompany us on all kinds of fun activities. And they look great in tiny little bandanas.

They make for the perfect snuggle buddy.

At the end of the day, what we look for in the perfect Valentine is the perfect snuggle buddy and puppies pretty much take the cake on this one.

They’ll take all the naps.

You like naps. They like naps. It’s a match made in Valentine Heaven.

All the naps.

They understand what it feels like to be clumsy.

All. The. Time. So they won’t make fun of you when you run into poles. Not that you do that. Only sometimes.

They’ll love you unconditionally.

Until a squirrel comes running by, but mostly unconditionally.

They’re impossible to argue with.

Just look at that little face! Who could be mad at that?!

They’re equally as weird.

Puppies will love your quirks because let’s be honest, their quirks are way weirder and we totally love them for it.

You’re welcome.

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