2020 Holiday Issues

Hi everyone. Jesse (Postable co-founder) here,

Firstly, I am just so sorry that cards are late. One of our envelope inserting machines went down at our print/fulfillment partner for two days which caused a backup. The USPS and UPS are also overwhelmed this holiday season because of covid and general 2020 awfulness, so mail and packages are moving extremely slowly. There’s never been a holiday season like this (and hopefully there never will be again). Postable has a few issues right now and I want to address them all as clearly and transparently as possible

Cards arriving late

As I said above, one of our envelope inserting machines went down for two days. Those two days happened to be the biggest two days of the year (of course) so even though it was only two days, there were enough cards printed to cause a backlog. As soon as it was made clear to us that it would take more than a day to repair the machine, we added a warning on the website letting people know that cards probably wouldn’t arrive by Christmas. We also changed the text on our order confirmation emails and I sent an email to people who ordered before the warnings were in place. We’re a very small company but our printing and fulfillment partner is the largest in the country so we were able to mobilize a sister facility and start trucking pallets of cards over there in order to double our inserting capacity. The machine is obviously fixed and we’re stuffing like mad but believe it or not, those two high volume days still have us a little behind (the older stuff has all gone out of course). We should be fully caught up by tomorrow. The other issue with cards arriving late is that the USPS and UPS are both totally overwhelmed this year because of Covid-19 and things are just moving extremely slowly for everyone everywhere.

Erroneous “Your Cards Were Mailed” emails

Some people got an email saying that their cards had been mailed when they hadn’t been mailed yet. This is related to that insertion machine being down. That email is automatically triggered after cards have been printed and cut and added to the insertion queue. Normally the cards are then inserted, stamped and immediately dropped in the mail but because one of the machines was down, a fairly large number of these cards didn’t immediately go out. But even though they didn’t go out, the email was still triggered. As soon as we realized this, we turned off that email because it was no longer accurate and causing confusion.

Mixed up card images

Okay, adding to the nightmare within the nightmare that has been 2020, there is another issue that affected a very small number of cards. An automatic software upgrade in one of our digital presses introduced a bug that could mismatch the front and back of cards. It was only a very small percentage (roughly 0.01) of cards sent but at this volume of cards that’s still nothing to sneeze at. We also understand how absurd it is to send someone a holiday card with another family’s picture on it (although an extremely fitting way to cap off 2020). As soon the problem was reported we were able to fix it but we know that the damage has been done. If your cards were mixed up please (don’t kill us) email info@postable.com so we can refund you and resend the correct cards for free.

Customer service response time

As you can imagine, we’re getting a lot of emails at the moment. In the spirit of full transparency, Postable is a tiny company. We don’t like to advertise this but we’re only 7 people. Knowing that this many cards will arrive late is devastating to us. We are a small company that loves and appreciates everyone who decides to use us. We partnered with the country’s largest printing company specifically to minimize the chances of anything ever going wrong but it seems like 2020 got the better of us. We’re not in the business of trying to send people’s cards late or trying to ruin anyone’s holidays or trying to ignore our customers. These cards being late has overwhelmed our ability to respond fast enough. We’ve brought on more people to help and Scott and I are also pitching in to help with customer service but we’re still unable to keep up. This KILLS us. I’m not kidding. We are in hell. I’m just so so sorry. Truly. This is the first time we’ve ever had to use an auto response email in ten years and even turning that on was a little knife in the gut. Just please know that we’re working around the clock trying to answer every email as quickly as possible.

I just want to personally apologize for adding to your personal 2020 stress. We literally started this company to make people’s lives easier and we know that we’ve failed to do that this holiday season. I’m just so sorry. Please know that your cards will arrive. Everything just needs a little more time this year. I also want to sheepishly thank you for using Postable and let you know that our only priority for 2021 is to make sure that nothing like this can ever happen again.

Apologetically yours,