What the World Would Be Like if Thank You Notes Didn’t Exist | A story in GIFs


Ready for a short story? Here at Postable, our love of writing thank you notes grows bigger and bigger each day. This got us to thinking what life would be like if all of a sudden we stopped writing thank you notes and the whole world followed. What anarchy would come of such an act?! What sadness!?

What the world would be like if thank you notes didn’t exist — a story in GIFs.

Today, when someone gets a birthday present…

Or someone does something really nice for someone else…

Or gets married and thus gets tons of presents…

Or has a teeny tiny baby that also comes with piles of baby gifts…

Today — that someone will send thank you notes out of the goodness of their hearts.

And because it’s just right.

But if we all stopped writing thank you notes all of a sudden, what would happen?

A world with no thank you notes — what would that even look like?

Well, for one — there would be no more presents. Who in their right mind would want to gift someone who doesn’t appreciate gifts?

And nobody would do any nice things for others…

And soon thereafter, pretty much the whole world will start to go up in flames of misery…

All because folks decided to put an end to writing thank you notes.

The End.

As with any good short story — there’s gotta be a moral of the story.

This one: go say thank you with some thank you notes so the world doesn’t come crashing down and we all stop getting gifts!

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