Cards to Send Your Parents |Weekly Card Roundup

You know those folks who put up with you your whole life despite those odd and often disturbing teenage years? The folks that love you unconditionally? Most of us pushed a series of buttons growing up that we’re not sure even we could handle, but even so our parents stuck through it all. Don’t you think they deserve to receive a card? Or two? And we’re not talking just about the yearly holiday card (which by golly, is a given). hand_lettered_thank_you_card

Is it Monday? Are you at least a semi-functioning human being? No doubt someone else had something to do with this success other than you… You played no role in changing your own diapers, of that we are certain. Let them know how grateful you are for their support, help, or otherwise, existence with a lovely thank you card… any and every day of the week. photo_naval_baby_thank_you_cardDid you just welcome a new bundle of joy into this world? Don’t forget to send the grandparents a special thank you card for all their help (past and future)… most importantly the one with the photo.

funny_adoption_thank_you_cardSometimes you just gotta let them know how it is without any of the frills and thrills, you know?

floral_rifle_mothers_day_cardA lovely mother’s day card can go a long way in letting mom know she did something right. 
punny_anniversary_cardMom & dad’s anniversary deserves a card, don’t you think? pink_simple_birth_announcementThey may have seen the new addition to the family a million times over already, but a birth announcement lets them show off their newest family member!hand_drawn_cute_fathers_day_card

Seriously, don’t forget a father’s day cardfunny_belated_birthday_cardSend this birthday card to mom and wait for it……cursive_mom_birthday_cardIf you don’t think mom would get a kick out of that last birthday card, this one will definitely do the trick. hand_painted_moving_cardYou moved. Mom & Dad probably already know, but they will still appreciate a lovely moving card from you – to be sure!blue_gree_ribbon_congrats_cardDid mom just grow her first tomato? When was the last time you grew something? Send her a congratulations card, she’ll appreciate it!photo_merci_thank_you_cardGet married lately? You probably got a lot of help (wanted & not-so-wanted) from mom & dad… send them a thank you card and be sure to use one with a photo. dream_catcher_i_miss_you_cardLive away from home? Let mom and dad know you miss them too with nice I miss you card.

hand_painted_beautiful_garden_cardLast, but certainly not least… just them a card. Any card. Just say something nice. Something that happened to you today. Or yesterday. Whatever.