Cards to send your High School Teacher|Weekly Card Roundup

So, you’re all grown up. You have a big person job… one that might even come with benefits and a pension and all that good stuff. Maybe you’re just out there living the dream in a tent somewhere on a mountain with periodic wifi connection. Whereever you are now, if you were once a high school teenager (and I’ll go out on a whim here and say you probably were at one point) you also had a high school teacher. Here are some cards to send to those teachers.


First, there was the high school teacher that still brings agony to the mention of high school. The teacher that was certain you wouldn’t amount to much of anything. That teacher that had very dark and stormy plans for you almost on the daily. Perhaps it was the heat, or maybe they were just evil. Whatever the case may be… reaching out years later is always a great idea. Why? They were wrong, you did amount to something. Something awesome. Perhaps you have your own business or just your own stationery (they don’t have to know). Send them a very grown up thanks for everything card with your name ever so gently on the front. The perfect revenge for all that algebra homework!

hashtag_rad_cardDaydream Prints

You had several high school teachers, but you probably have at least that one that really stands out. The one that pushed you to do your best, gave you applicable life advice, and probably helped you with your math homework at some point. You know the one. It’s been a minute since you last spoke, even though you’re more than likely facebook buddies. Why not reach out to the long lost important human in your life and let them know they are awesome with a loving you’re totally rad & I miss you card. I bet ya they’ll really appreciate it. Funny_bold_sorry_cardThe Paper Cub Co.

Then there’s that teacher that should really be receiving a huge I’m sorry card for all the goofing off and headaches you caused. Be honest with yourself, there’s at least one teach that should be receiving one of these sorry cards from you. You’ve delayed it quite a bit… the time has come.
cute_sunshine_good_luck_cardWildhorse Press

A good time to send your old teacher a nice ole’ card would be right before a brand spankin’ new year… give them some encouragement by letting them know their efforts are not for naught with an adorable good luck card!hand_drawn_get_well_soon_cardIron Curtain Press

Friends with your old teacher pal on facebook? Did you notice her wall get littered with get well posts? Why not take this opportunity to really make their day by sending them a get well card that will really surprise them? colorful_dog_cardGreetings from Linda

Just because you remember Mrs. Thomas really liked bull dogs and you really should let her know how much she impacted your future. geometic_gracias_thank_you_cardThe Paper Cub Co.

Your high school spanish teacher was a bit like your 4th period bestie… send her a gracias with a fun thank you card. Show her you still got it.

simple_cursive_congrats_cardA Jar of Pickles 

Then there is that teacher you remember was working for her PhD… Let’s be honest, none of us can imagine working and pursuing a PhD, much less do it all the while teaching a bunch of hormonally crazed teenagers. Send your old teacher a giant congrats with a sweet congratulations card. It couldn’t have been easy. And remember to double check your spelling.

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