“Totally Your Design” Cards

We love your custom cards and want them to look their best, so here are a few things to keep in mind when uploading your photos and designs:

  • Quality, quality, quality
    Use a high-resolution image (preferably an original photo taken with a high-quality camera) and avoid photos found on the internet.
  • Keep the important stuff in the center
    Avoid placing text or important details of your image too close to the edge. We need to leave room for our bleed zone and want to avoid cutting off your design.
  • Contrast
    If you have text on top of an image, make sure that there’s enough color contrast so that the text is legible
  • Use our filters
    Choose Black & White or Sepia to set the tone for your card
  • Try it flipped
    Take advantage of our tools and see if your image looks better flipped
  • Ask us!
    If you still can’t get your card looking the way you want it, email us at info@postable.com and we’ll get it looking great.

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