12 Halloween Cards to Make you Giggle

Halloween is so close we can smell the sugar-filled air coming our way! Seriously, who doesn’t love getting into a funky costume and consuming delicious sugary sweets? Here at Postable, we’re pretty stoked for the yearly occasion and our new Halloween cards are making us giggle. Which is good because who doesn’t love a good giggle? 

1.For the green monster in your life. Franken_Halloween_cardsSend it now

2. Go ahead, have some fun with this one. little_witch_halloween_cardsSend it now

3. A Halloween card for the boo. [insert giggle]boo_ghost_halloween_cardsSend it now

4. Everyone loves boo.
boo_halloween_cardsSend it now

5. Teeny-tiny ghosts 🙂tiny-ghosts-halloween-cardsSend it now

6. Ok, be honest… this halloween card just made you giggle. || card by Clap Clap ghost-funny-halloween-cardsSend it now

7. When is Halloween not happy?! || card by Leveret Paperiepainted-halloween-cardsSend it now

8. Read this one aloud and we dare you not to giggle. || card by Semi Sweet Press
funny-halloween-cardsSend it now

9. Big ole’ Frankenstein isn’t so scary. || card by Silas Tomgreen-halloween-cardsSend it now

10. Because… puppies. || card by Leveret Paperie
puppy-halloween-cardsSend it now

11. For the little devil in you. little-devil-halloween-cardsSend it now

12. Happy Hallowiener (hehe)weiner-halloween-cardsSend it now

So… Which one of these funny halloween cards made you giggle?!