Human-Like Dogs, Cat licking apparatus & Kimmy Schmidt | 10 Things That Made Us Giggle

Express Human-Like Portraits of Dogs by Elke Vogelsangmymodernmet.comelkevogelsang6You knew your four legged buddy was a little person all along.

 10 GIFS That Sum Up These Actor’s CareersDemilked.comactors-evolution-gifs-prasad-bhat-5

10 Hilarious Kimmy Schmidt Lines From Season 2hellogiggles.comTitus4Kimmy: “Giving up isn’t my jam. My jams are grape, jock, and space.

Photoshop Battle Using Newly Released Portrait of Kim Jong-unDemilked.comphotoshop-battle-supreme-leader-portrait-of-kim-jong-un-13Photoshop at it’s finest.

Hilarious Billboard War Between McDonald’s and Liquor


Photographer Combines Love for Storm Troopers and Whiskey in Hilarious


You Can Finally Lick Your

cat-licking-tongue-licki-brush-7It’s everything you’ve ever wanted. 

Tawainese Couple Puts Hilarious Twist on Famous ‘Follow Me’ Travel Photosmymodernmet.comfollowmeparody2

Guy Takes More Fake Book Covers Onto Subway to See How People

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