5 Celebrities Who Act Like Babies & Their Corresponding Birth Announcement


Celebrities have tendencies to act like teeny tiny babies. In honor of the tantrum-throwing here are 5 celebrities who act like babies and their corresponding birth announcements.


Justin Bieber has a slue of tantrums. Huffington Post has a whole set of articles dedicated to Justin Bieber Acting Out.


Miss Lohan should have her own celeb news show dedicated to the all-too-entertaining tantrums. Here’s one on NY Daily News.

KanyecardDo we have to remind you what happens when Kanye doesn’t get his way? [2009 VMA awards]

SnookicardOk, so maybe Snooki has calmed down as of late. Her child, on the other hand. MTV has the low-down.

sheencard2Ah! Good ole’ Charlie. His fabulous fits will never get old. Daily Mail has your coverage. 

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