7 Halloween Cards To Send Your Squad

Halloween is around the corner (even if it doesn’t feel like it). Everyone knows that a squad that sends cards to each other is a squad that sticks together (that’s a saying, right?).

Anyway, Halloween cards are fun and spooky so why wouldn’t you send your friends some love? Here’s our pick of 7 Halloween cards to send your squad (right now — Postable will literally mail them for you so you don’t even have to leave your couch).

1. The classic Halloween card for the Frankenstein lover in your squad. That’s a thing, right?

7 send_button-1

2. The boogie-ing skeleton for the friend that never stops dancing.

3. This one is just straight up adorable for the boo in your squad.5 send_button-1

4. The kitty Halloween card for the cat loving friend that never quite admits their love of felines.4 send_button-1

5. The puppy Halloween card for everyone else… Because seriously who doesn’t love puppies!?!3 send_button-1

6. The vampire Halloween card for the True Blood loving friend.2 send_button-1

7. And finally… More puppies! Because everyone loves puppies!1send_button-1