28 Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Longtime Lover


beautiful-quirky-valentines-day-cardSo we’ve covered the quirky funny valentine’s day cards, the saucy valentine’s day cards, and even the long distance valentines! How about we show you some of our favorite valentine’s day cards to send to the sweetie that’s been by your side day in and day out!? The repeat valentine, if you will… The one that’s been celebrating the chocolate giving and slow dancing holiday with you for years. Here’s some of our favorite valentine’s day cards for the longterm sweetheart <3


If you’re still looking for some fun valentine date night ideas, checkout our lovely 12 Days of Valentine board on pinterest. We’ve been compiling all sorts of ideas just for the occasion 🙂

youandmeQuill and Fox

meantforeachotherNear Modern Disaster

cuteinthemorningSea + Lake Paper Co.


lavayouA Jar of Pickles

Punny valentine’s day cards are always a good idea.

moitoi9th Letterpress

pastel-polka-dots-valentines-day-cardGoodputty Design

laundryFarewell Paperie

Of all the valentine’s day cards out there… this one may just be the most practical.

minimal-pink-love-cardNear Modern Disaster

thickasthievesAnemone Letterpress

stolenmyheartQuill and Fox

hand-lettered-love-valentines-day-cardThe Paper Cub Co.

funny-modern-valentines-day-cardNear Modern Disaster

Words of wisdom.

youresohotGreen Tie Studio

Just because you’ve been together for forever, doesn’t mean your valentine’s day cards need to be so formal.

simple-handwritten-valentine-cardGreen Tie Studio

striped-je-taime-love-cardGoodputty Design

funny-pun-valentines-day-cardSugar & Type

The valentine’s day card for the long-time lovers who don’t take things too seriously… things like Valentine’s Day Cards. A little giggle never hurt.

lovely-painted-hiking-love-cardSmall Adventure


lovers-on-a-swing-sillouhette-cardR. Nichols

beautiful-hand-painted-valentines-day-cardOne Canoe Two


cute-you-are-my-home-love-cardWildhorse Press 

adorable-hand-painted-camp-love-cardSmall Adventure

Remember that one time, years ago on that camping trip… This may be the card of all Valentine’s day cards for those campers out there 🙂

red-modern-meant-to-bee-valentines-day-cardSilas Tom

How stinkin’ cute is this valentine’s day card?!

funny-modern-valentines-day-cardNear Modern Disaster

At least you’re the one pointing it out.

hand-painted-apple-of-my-eye-cardOne Canoe Two

simple-sarcastic-valentines-day-card Old Tom Foolery

A little sarcasm never hurt 🙂

earthy-valentines-day-cardSmall Adventure

Perhaps you fell in love on a hiking trip?!

hand-painted-made-for-each-other-love-cardQuill and Fox

Easily send your Valentines Day Cards for those longterm valentines with a few clicks with Postable!


Which card will you send?