25 Amazing Christmas Cards Without Photos

Christmas is coming! Prepare yourself for the cards to start pouring in soon enough. And if you haven’t been keeping up with the family on Instagram — you’re about to be up with the times. Many of your family and friends will likely be sending your Christmas cards showcasing their lovely faces. Some may choose to put a photo of their kids and new borns and while still others will showcase their newest puppies (and we’re so not sorry about that). And while these cards will be as delightful as any — you’d prefer something that requires a little less photo editing. Didn’t take any family photos this year? Or perhaps you’re just not interested in sharing it with the world. Or better yet, there are specific people on your Christmas cards list that you’d rather just send a card without showcasing your family’s photo. Maybe you’d just like a Christmas card with a classic scene. Whatever your reasoning to forego the photo Christmas cards this year and opt for one without photos — we’ve got quite the list for you.


Everything from adorable puppy Christmas cards to hand painted Elfs who love to smile — this list of Christmas cards without photos is about to blow you out of the water. You’re welcome.

1. A pug & some mistletoe.

If you can’t gift someone you love an adorable little pug — this card by Quill & Fox will have to do. If you can stop staring at it that is.

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2. The Nutcracker

The perfect card for the friend that likes to crack jokes.

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3. A Little Yellow Buggy & A Tree

It doesn’t get more perfect than a classic Christmas card like this. We love this hand painted illustration by Forage Paper Co.

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4. Trim Those Trees

This adorable illustration from There Will Be Cake is so good your friends and family may just frame it. It looks like it belongs in a classic children’s book.

THEREWILLBECAKE119Send this card right now

5. A lovely Merry Christmas indeed

If you’re searching for the perfect combination of classic Christmas Card and a little pizzazz — this card by Clap Clap is your go to. We love the bright red against the subtle pink and the bursts of green.

CLAPCLAP164Send this card right now

6. Good Ole’ St. Nick

A classic look by the classic Rifle Paper Co.

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7. Puppy Christmas

This Christmas card by Leveret Paperie is perfect for the dog lover in your life. The design simultaneously exudes charm and joy. Just try and not smile while looking at it — impossible!

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8. Plaid Christmas

When you want to get festive, but not too festive.

EFRANCES132Send this card right now

9. A Very Red Merry Christmas

For that friend that appreciates stellar typography.

POSTABLE1536Send this card right now

10. Christmas Trees

Simply cute. Love the snowflake dots, the tiny tree outlines and the hand lettered font.

TWOPOOCH113Send this card right now

11. Peace on Earth

In the classic Hello Paper Co. style — this Peace of Earth card is simple and bold all at once.

HELLOPAPER133Send this card right now

12. An Elf’s Favorite

If you want to make everyone on your Christmas list smile uncontrollably — this E. Frances card should be your go to. Seriously, how cute is this water color?!

EFRANCES194Send this card right now

13. Pizza Tree

For the pizza lover friend on your list (aka everyone). Pretty much the opposite of the classic Christmas card.

NEARMODERNDISASTER173Send this card right now

14. A Cat Christmas

For the feline-obsessed (also see: Cat Greeting Cards).

SUSIEESSE124Send this card right now

15. All the Cookies

Nothing says Christmas quite like festive cookies! This card might just inspire the recipient to bake some cookies… And share them with you.

FORAGEPAPER118Send this card right now

16. I Got Ho’s [ho hos]

For the friend that likes a good pun (and an adorable illustration). This hipster Santa by Bench Pressed will surely brighten someone’s day.

BENCHPRESSED248Send this card right now

17. All I want for Christmas

At least you’re being honest.

NEARMODERNDISASTER180Send this card right now

18. Merry & Bright [and boozy]

Who knew booze could look so pretty?! We love this design by There Will Be Cake.

THEREWILLBECAKE114Send this card right now

19. Peace on Earth

A lovely blue themed Christmas Card for someone special.

THEREWILLBECAKE117Send this card right now

20. Krampus is coming to town

For the German friend(s) & family in your life.

THEREWILLBECAKE112Send this card right now

21. Feliz Navidad Llama

Could this card BE any more adorable?!

LEVERETPAPERIE201 (1)Send this card right now

22. Oh Holy Night

This Silent Night Christmas card is so incredibly lovely. If you’re going for something with a little more elegance this year — this card will be perfect.

SANDRAP144Send this card right now

23. Custom Season’s Greetings

While there are many customizable Christmas cards to choose from — most of them are also photo template cards. This non-photo Christmas card allows you to customize the bottom with your family name — or really whatever you’d like.

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24. A Classy Christmas

Another classic Rifle Paper Co. You really can’t go wrong with this beautiful design.

RIFLE104Send this card right now

25. Tis’ the Season to Be Jolly

We love the blue background of this beautiful Christmas ornament card by One Canoe Two.

CANOE119Send this card right now

26. Green Christmas

For those lucky folks that live in a warm climate this green Christmas card would be perfect. We love all the lush greenery illustrated by Small Adventure.

SMALLADVENTURE161Send this card right now

Alrighty — who’s psyched for Christmas?!

We hope this list of non photo Christmas cards has inspired you to think outside the norm. While we adore a good photo Christmas card (or three) there’s something really special about these cards and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. And remember — who says you gotta just pick one?! You can always send your family a Christmas card showcasing your latest family photos while sending your friends something that will induce a little giggle.

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