22 Boozy Cocktails to Get You Through Any Family Gathering

holiday13send_button-1We’re all about making the holidays a stress-free time. After all, why would you ever spend your hard earned vacay time off wanting to pull your hair out. While most family gatherings are something to look forward to, it’s no secret they can also be quite stressful. To counteract this potential stress threat, we suggest you kick back and relax with one of these delightful cocktails.

1. Fireball Cidereb878d2f92c6d80ffcdc47277cbc0534via What’s Cooking America

2. Christmas Champagne 18f63aea77285b1a7907719781b52dedvia Cooking with Janica

3. Cranberry Champagnea1a31e8d7bc8371d3480fec39cb2b049via Creative Culinary

4. Honey Bourbon664af2cdb90e972c2c098cad0a0d3f0bvia One Broads Journey

5. Blackberry Bourbon Smash6ce864583b6ee567813c89d400d2672cvia Waiting on Martha

6. Smokey Harvest Apple Ciderda73a5a3a4579ad5ea8870b167d06f6cvia Half Baked Harvest

7. A Cardomom Cocktaild2a16c96b2db868458f87c1ed9c59654via The Charming Detroiter

8. Eggnog Butterscotch Russian Cocktail27a7318f35d9ac803301a721ed5557d7via Confectionalism

9. Sex on a Snowbank924d9311d11feb301b78cf84f28a55dbvia Nelliebellie

10. Honey Bourbon with Sageacbb49055dbb26bad91c1b6eb297adbavia One Broads Journey

11. Cranberry Gingerdcdc1bf7e3bbb1943a57ce00256b8f5cvia My Food Story

12. Pomegranate Manhattan 61cc6981ba49eff0b0f599de76cc8c55via Shutterbean

13. RumChata Eggnogd7905f138b38510a78ef4b3e293aa922via Sunny Sweet Days

14. Lillet-Basil97fa8d7eb43ae0f9ba98ffdee2a4e4c0via Martha Stewart

15. Pear Treefb3e7476790e7b8febbd77c756d21214via Bloglovin’

16. Blood Orange267beb9ec38d823a79d194e184b6c0d0via Liz Morrow

17. Coconut Snowball Martini9c864bc7a65d0f7637e6214bcb202e12via Dekuyper USA

18. Sparkling Clementine Thymefa386a5eddb8a627e9e64d7d66bbb698via Heather Christo

19. Bubbly Winter Citrusaee37a84b879edd49799cfab03a2391cvia bethcakes.com

20. Limeade Rum305cffa2bd19aee6d530ed236265c44cvia A Communal Table

21. Dark & Stormy20c4ca2c1bde0d76c67076371b507ae3via Sugar & Cloth

22. Sparkling Apple Whiskey91ec5dfcbce3c7cb14090c6ffb35508evia Anne Sage

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