20 True-to-Life Cards to Send to your BFF Right Now

Amazing_CardsThe BFF. A sacred friendship status. For those of us lucky enough to have one, know how much awesome-ness arises from such friendships. Late night pizza and beer runs, endless hours of cross-country phone calls, and never ending giggle fits. Staying in touch and up-t0-date with your BFF gets a bit more challenging with time (see adulting), but it is still your duty to bring previously-mentioned-awesome-ness to your BFF. Posting something on a facebook wall? You think that counts as enough? That’s cute. No. You’re the BFF. Think bigger. Think cuter! Think snail mail. We know, time is of the essence… Thankfully there’s thing called Postable (Hey! That’s us!) that will mail your cards via the old fashioned snail mail for you!

Checkout these 20 all-too-perfectly-descriptive cards you can send to your BFF right now. 

1. Let’s be honest, the other-worldy love you and your BFF share can only be described with a few select adjectives. bff14mail it now

2. Every set of BFFs have an unusual affinity to dynamite puns. bff6mail it now

3. Short. Sweet. To the point.bff9mail it now

4. Who doesn’t love a peach?!bff2mail it now

5. Sometimes you need to remind your BFF just how special they. bff8mail it now

6. Farming friends?bff3mail it now

7. She may as well be your sister.
bff4mail it now

8. The day you became BFF was a special one… why not celebrate it?!
bff5mail it now

9. Let’s be honest, we’d all be lost without our BFFs. bff1mail it now

10. Always.
bff7mail it now

11. And sometimes a little gratitude goes a long way. It’s not always easy being a friend.bff10mail it now

12. Almost. So close.bff11mail it now

13. Because, why not?bff12mail it now

14. It’s not often you find someone equally awesome at doing nothing. It’s quite a rarity.
bff15mail it now

15. BFFL.bff16mail it now

16. A good pun vocabulary makes for a lasting friendship.bff17mail it now

17. Cute & honest.bff18mail it now

17. For those BFFs that just love the outdoors. So that’s everyone, right? bff19mail it now

18. In case you needed another way to say BFF.bff20mail it now

19. You rock. bff21mail it now

20. Sometimes you just need to establish your allegiance.  bff13mail it now