19 Delightful Fall Baby Shower Ideas from Pinterest

Summer has come and gone. Winter is still far from present so let’s all just celebrate the beautiful season that’s fall! Pumpkins, spice lattes, and beautiful fall colors are about to hit us at full speed. And we can’t wait. In the spirit of the new season, we thought we’d scour the world of Pinterest to find some new ways to welcome the season and a new baby! Fall baby showers are full of love! So many little pumpkins (see what we did there?!)! fall_babyshower3

So go on, grab yourself a delicious spiced latte and checkout these delightful fall baby shower ideas! 

1. Falling for fall and babies.

eclecticmomsensefrom Eclectic Momsense


2. Bet you’re glad you got your spiced latte before looking through this list. 9e01124b055239bd99502323a0f24096


3. Pro tip: Postable will mail your fall baby shower invites for you!fall_babyshower3from postable.com


4. Ah-dorable!!5fc182dbd9ef5727fda225b8423517b2

5. Burlap. Burlap on everything! a162f88dc65709afa14614f2bfecd7b9from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

6. Pie lolipops are a good idea always, but especially in the fall. Because Pie!605721408451998c8be4dc2a11944224

7. Pumpkins make beautiful vases.69470896872987045d5a3d9dcbb70ae4from DIY Candy

8. Burlap, take 2.94de9f8b3c91a2cc6bd6f43390f463a8from Hostess with the Mostess

9. Halloween fall baby showers means so many fun banners!fall_babyshower2from postable.com

10. Little pumpkins galore.ce4caaed04cd0744f33819cf750c12cefrom ParentSociety

11. More banners. More little pumpkins. Can never have too many puns. 9f4fc958ecebfce6e64775745d80718bfrom brit.co

12. Is this the cutest fall baby shower cake you’ve ever seen or what?d18b1e7759ba513bba8ff1aed7ed38b3from Cake Central

13. Little blue pumpkin gender reveal!!!! 334423a12cff77b6c4edfcc78c133514

14. Lil’ pumpkin cookies… So. Cute.77636a5b78de5309d7da1a570171de5ffrom Emma’s Sweets

15. Pumpkin carving with a purpose <3d91578ecdca36f271003ea6bee11948d


16. Brew away… Just nothing alcoholic.72370becb8851111e8c5967477b1f43ffrom Etsy

17. Fall baby shower means fun fall treats on the buffet!9750ee3e8199a00d4ae8672c2f8ed00bfrom brit.co

18. Fall baby showers are perfect for outdoor seating. The weather is gorgeous!img_0167-2-683x1024from a pair of pears

19. The ultimate fall color: Orange. fall_babyshower1from postable.com

Don’t forget to send your baby shower thank yous! Write them all without leaving your couch (bet you that sounds awesome!!).