15 Lovely Mother’s Day Cards & Gifts Mom Will Love

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday, May 13. Make sure you do your part in making sure mom’s day is the most spectacular day of the year. There are a bunch of great ways you can show mom you care and sending a mother’s day card is where it all starts. Of course there are about a million other things you can do to help celebrate mother’s day —  like making her breakfast in bed or doing all of the household chores before she even wakes up. Whatever you choose, whether you live near or far, sending mother’s day cards is a great way to send her some love.

Mother And Daughter Sit On Sofa In Lounge Reading Book Together

We’ve gathered some stellar mother’s day cards that you can mail to mom without ever leaving your couch so you can focus your energy on doing something big for mother’s day this year.

1. This delightful mother’s day card by Small Adventure is perfect for the mom that loves her garden.

SMALLADVENTURE182Get this card here

2. Funny mother’s day cards are a great way to send mom a giggle on her special day. This pun card by E. Frances will surely give mom a nice smile.

EFRANCES166Get this card here

3. For the mom that loves a good smoothie. This colorful hand painted mother’s day card by Small Adventure is perfect for the mom that’s been a healthy influence in your life.

SMALLADVENTURE247Get this card here

4. A little play on words goes a long way. This fun card by Postable will let mom know how much you care.

POSTABLE2023Get this card here

5. This beautiful mother’s day card design by Quill & Fox is frame worthy.

QUILLFOX119Get this card here


6. A mom’s first mother’s day is kind of a big deal (as are all subsequent Mother’s Days). This colorful first mother’s day card is a great way to make the first time mom in your life feel extra special.

POSTABLE1716Get this card here

7. Perfect Mother’s Day card for the mom that loves a good cheese & wine combo. Better yet, send mom this card by Scotch & Cream and prepare a little cheese & wine picnic for mother’s day this year.

SCOTCHANDCREAM138Get this card here

8. Stepmoms are moms too. Send mom this cheerful stepmom mother’s day card by Bench Pressed to let her know how much you appreciate her.

BENCHPRESSED187Get this card here

Mother’s Day Photo Cards

Photo mother’s day cards are great for showcasing your love for mom. Use mom’s favorite photo of you or one that includes both of you together. A nice family photo is also a great to include in your mother’s day cards. Whatever you choose, mom will no doubt love your efforts!

Just upload your own unique photo to one of these mother’s day photo card templates, write your personal message and click send. Postable takes care of the rest.

9. This fun mother’s day card uses a groovy font at the bottom. Whatever photo you choose to upload will likely fit well into this vertical template.

POSTABLE1717Get this card here

10. Use this template to send multiple mother’s day cards to all the moms you know in your life by switching out the photo. This template uses a fun transparent font so it won’t block your photo.

POSTABLE246Get this card here

11. Another simple template with a fun pink font to wish mom a happy mother’s day!

POSTABLE1718Get this card here

12. An adorable mother’s day card to upload mom’s lovely face.

POSTABLE248Get this card here

13.  Sending a first mother’s day card is kind of a big deal. The new mom will no doubt appreciate the gesture! This lovely first time mother’s day card lets you add a photo of your own.

POSTABLE1714Get this card here

Mother’s day Gifts

Sending mom a mother’s day card is definitely a must, but you shouldn’t stop there. Mom has done a whole lot for you and your loved ones, make sure to go the extra mile this mother’s day to make sure she knows just how much you appreciate her. Here are some ideas on unique mother’s day gifts.

1. Thank You Mom Book from Francesca 

iipsrvThis lovely book lets mom know how much you care while presenting it with some pretty visuals.

2. Mommy Fuel Coffee Cup from Etsy

il_570xN.1163898302_4nvmThis adorable coffee mug is perfect for the moms in our lives that love a good cup of joe. But also, wine. Coffee mugs can be wine mugs, right?

3. Omg My Mother Was Right Tea Towel from AmazonScreen Shot 2018-03-11 at 12.56.38 PMMom really is —  always right. She’ll likely get a good giggle from this mother’s day gift and it’ll serve as a trusty reminder that she’s been a helpful influence in your life.

4. Personalized Rolling Pin from Etsy

il_570xN.717396649_a1onPerfect mother’s day gift for the moms who love to bake. You’ve probably been the number one recipient of said baked goods so why not gift mom with a personalized baking tool she’ll use (and love). Personalize it with a short quote you know she loves or a simple ‘made by MOM’ will do the trick.

5. Personal Family Print from Uncommon GoodsScreen Shot 2018-03-11 at 1.03.16 PMA cute little drawing of the family will surely bring a smile to mom’s face this mother’s day. A lovely mother’s day gift and something she can display and look at for time to come.

6. Tea From Around the World Set from Uncommon Goods

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 1.06.27 PMFor the moms who love a good cup of tea.

7. I-Scream Match Strike from Jonathan Adler

matchstrike_iscreamIt seems that mom’s get a whole bunch of candles for mother’s day. Why not gift her something to place next to all her new candles that’s also a cute piece of art.

8. Eres Measuring Spoons from Anthropologie

44534816_095_bAnother neat baking gift for the mom who loves to bake. These measuring cups are so pretty, they can be displayed while not being used.

9. Rifle Paper Co. Recipe box517JH27dI5L._SX425_Everything created by Rifle Paper Co. is stunning. Like this recipe container that mom will no doubt love. Send her this Rifle Paper Co. Mother’s Day card along with this box to make a stunning combination.

However you choose to honor the moms in your life this Mother’s Day, we’re sure they’ll love and appreciate the cards and gifts.