12 Days of Valentines: Friendly Valentine Cards

Friendly Valentine Cards | 12 Days of Valentines


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hand-painted-youre-a-peach-friend-cardYou’ve sent your funny valentine and then your sweet valentine, but what about your friendly valentine?! You definitely don’t want to forget all those moments your friends have been there for you on all the days of days – Valentine’s Day! Send your favorite friendly valentine cards with Postable. It literally couldn’t be easier to mail some friendly mail then with a couple of clicks.

After all your friends have done for you, sending them some friendly valentine cards is the least you can do. That… and maybe a hug. Just a suggestion.

Think about the friend who made you homemade soup and brought it to you when you had the sniffles. Ok, so maybe they bought it at the corner store and brought it to you, but this is definitely one of those moments where the thought is what counts (let’s pretend you didn’t get sick after eating the soup). What about the friend that took you to the airport when everyone else said they had previous engagements?! Talk about a true friend! Don’t you go slacking off now, make sure to send these important folks in your life a friendly valentine card or next time they too will have previous engagements!
You’ve been warned. 
Have we made our point? Sending friendly valentine cards is pretty much a must if you want to keep your friends around. Everyone knows that. Sort of. But the best part is you can send your friendly valentine cards with a few clicks (and maybe some typing for a personal -possibly witty- message). 
But First… The friendly valentine card collection (tell us your favorite):

adorable-punny-friend-valentine-cardA Jar of Pickles

Who doesn’t love a good pun?!

sweet-hand-painted-friend-valentines-day-cardSmall Adventure

Charming & straightforward. Your friends will love you.

simple-shooting-start-valentines-day-cardIron Curtain Press


Are you the cat-lady? It’s ok. Your friends won’t judge, send them this cat friendly valentine card and they’ll still love you. You’d hope.

adorable-funny-friendly-valentines-day-cardA Jar of Pickles

Did we mention how awesome puns are?!

hand-stamped-valentines-day-cardViva Greetings

Nothing says friendly valentine like a man in a mask.



colorful-valentines-day-cardSilas Tom

lovely-hand-drawn-friend-cardE.B. Goodale

pink-hearts-valentines-day-cardThe Paper Cub Co.

How stinkin’ cute are all these hearts!!??! 

simple-bold-xoxo-valentines-day-cardGreen Tie Studio

Easily send your Friendly Valentine Cards with a few clicks with Postable!


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