10 Quirky Wedding Ideas on Pinterest


We’re constantly looking to the outside world for inspiration… when that fails, we go to Pinterest – the ultimate world of internet inspiration. Planning a wedding can be so daunting with the due dates and deadlines that the fun parts tend to get over looked in all the hustle and bustle. You were so excited to plan your wedding at the start… you were going to plan a wedding that screamed you in as many different ways as possible. Not to worry, we’ve got your re-fueling inspiration needs covered. Here are some quirky and fun ideas to make your wedding stand out, courtesy of Pinterest.

Would you rather have your cake look like something edible than a miniature version of your dress? This lovely flowery cake should do the trick. (lovemydress.net)


 Let’s be honest… you’d much rather eat a doughnut. Any time of the day. Always. Why not on your wedding day? (huffingtonpost.com)

doughnut cake

Getting bored making all those seating cards? Give your wedding the ultimate Quirk-Factor with a Dino as an accessory. (Greenweddingshoes.com)


Now this is what we call unique seating! (stylemepretty.com)

chairs outside

Ok so maybe you should just have Dinosaurs as your theme. Because why not? You’re quirky. (hitched.co.uk)


Skip the classic roses and make your bouquet a bit more knotty 😉 (dealmaecoracao.com)


Outdoor weddings call for outdoor lighting… these lampshades are so much fun! (ana-rosa.tumblr.com)


Now that’s an alter we can get in front of. (greenweddingshoes.com)


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