10 Links That Made Us Giggle This Month

It’s that time again! We share with you all the giggle-iest links on the internet this month… At least the ones that made it to our browsers!10_links

1.This family pranked their mailman on April Fool’s Day with an unbelievably long letter via HelloGigglesapril_fools

2.Couple Announces They’re Expecting “A Sidekick” As Batman And Batgirl, And Their Pics Are Going Viral via BoredPandasidekick

3.This Wacky & Crazy Fun State Fair Wedding via OffBeat Bridewacky_wedding

4.Designer Creates Outfits that Perfectly Match the Masterpieces She’s Looking At via MyModernMetartist_clothes

5.Two Pizza Lovers Got Married And Served Pizza Instead Of Wedding Cake via The Huffington Postpizza_cake

6.Artist Draws What It’s Like Living With Cats On Post-It Notes via DeMilkedcat_stickies

7. This Baby’s Adorable Morning Routine Is Going Viral For The Cutest Reason Ever via BoredPanda

8. These bridesmaids got to carry puppies instead of flowers, and it is a serious cuteness overload via HelloGiggles

Purebred Blue Great Dane puppy with flowers and love message on a chalkboard

9.5-Year-Old Daughter Says The Craziest Things, And Her Dad Turns Them Into Fun Illustrations via DeMilkedfunny_girl

10.Cat Wiggles Through Box, Accidently Tries on a Stylish Set of Kitty-Sized Wigs via MyModernMetcat_wig

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