10 Links That Made Us Giggle in November

November has come and gone. Say goodbye to Thanksgiving, Black Friday and pumpkin pie. Say hello to the jolliest time of the year! The holidays are officially here. But before we get too excited about December, let’s take a look at November’s giggliest online moments.giggle

This Artist Creates Hilarious Photoshops Of Her Cats And She Has Probably Gone Too Far

5be556845b1a6-1-5bdc004ac0400__880via DeMilked

When you’re still obsessed with Friends

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 12.27.04 PMvia Hellogiggles

‘Unspirational’ Quotes For Those Who Are Tired Of Inspirational Quotes

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Someone Created “The Worst Alphabet Book Ever” And You’ll Have A Hard Time Reading It

english-kids-spelling-book-p-is-for-pterodactyl-1-5bed4350a0ef1__700via BoredPanda

Musicians Use Rubber Chicken to Masterfully Recreate Classical Music

via MyModernMet

7 Before And After Pics Of Dogs Who Have Been Groomed In A Japanese Style

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Designer Reimagines How Today’s Online Apps Would Have Looked Like as ‘80s Gadgets

apps-80s-tech-toys-thomas-olliver-7via MyModernMet

Japanese Grandma Captures the Adorable Bond of 2-Year-Old Girl and Her Giant Poodle

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 12.00.58 PMvia MyModernMet

Russian Artist Shows What’s Going On Outside The Frames Of Well-Known Album Covers

5be2e5d2a2386-prince-5b4b39462df02__880via DeMilked

This Artist Creates Hilarious Animal Sculptures From Awkward Photos

5bd9c209d3b0b-Japanese-artist-turns-animals-that-have-become-famous-on-the-internet-into-sculptures-5bd86ae55d7ac__880via DeMilked