10 Links That Made Us Giggle (In May)

The month of May has come and gone which means new giggle-worthy links are on the horizon. By which we mean they’re here. Feel free to giggle away. giggle

1. 10+ Times ‘Stupid Cat Drawings’ Made Everyone Laugh With How Accurate They Were via Demilked5af1539043d98-stupid-cat-drawings-dailypurrr-93-5af0185ada8f9__700

2. Got Toddlered: Parents Share Photos Of Them Before And After Having Kids, And The Difference Is Hilarious via BoredPandabefore-after-having-children-got-toddlered-mike-julianelle-003-5ae85dd9202d8__700

3. 21 Hilariously Relatable Before & After Illustrations By Spanish Artist Nacho Diaz via BoredPandabefore-after-illustrations-naolito-nacho-diaz-arjona-15-5aec10bc31e79__700

4. Illustrator Makes Hilariously Random Comics Guaranteed To Make You Laugh (Part 2) via DeMilked5ae329e89a1c5-updateandrestart-5ae1d766dada6-png__880

5. 30+ Fun Photos Of My Family That I Took To Fight Boredom via BoredPandaBen18UUje0A-png__700

6. Charming Wildlife Portraits Capture the Expressive Faces of Foxes in the Wild via MyModernMetfox-portrait-series-ossi-saarinen-21

7. Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Outfits Using Food, And The Result Is Better Than The Original via BoredPandaBgGjQL_j2tB-png__700-5afd2f5c788c5__700

8. Portraits of Dogs and Lifestyle-Specific Possessions Reveal Their Personalities via MyModernMeta-dogs-life-alicia-rius-1

9. People Are Sharing Hilariously Bad Stock Photos Of Their Professions, And You’ll Be Laughing When You’ll See Yours via DeMilked5afa979608fb5-992977256082423808-png__700

10. 25+ Asshole Parents Who Ruined Their Children’s Lives (New Pics) via BoredPanda35-5adf2dc3f03e0__700