10 Links That Made Us Giggle (again & again)

The end of July is here (the summer is flying by so fast!) which means a deliriously funny compilation of links brought to you by Postable’s giggles. Enjoy!giggleWe Got Engaged And Took Some 80s Photos via Boredpanda

Artist Creates Miniature Paintings of Tiny Animals That Capture Every Cute Detail via MyModernMetminiature-paintings-irene-malakhova-2

Parents Hilariously Recreate Beyonce’s Viral Motherhood Photos To Show How Real Life Looks via DeMilked5970531d987e5-parents-recreate-famous-beyonce-twin-photo-596db6cfd8003__700

I Make Costumes For My Cats via BoredpandaI-make-costumes-for-my-cats-59631fd9208c5__700

Adorable “MoMo” Twins Are Taking Over Instagram with Sweet and Silly Photos via MyModernMetmomo-twins-leia-lauren-17

Grown Man Serves As ‘Flower Girl’ At Wedding And Absolutely Crushes It via HuffingtonPost

I Photographed Sea Lions In The Galápagos, And There’s A Reason People Call Them The Puppies Of The Sea via Boredpandaimage-5969404537761__700

This woman wore a T. Rex costume for her sexy, pre-wedding boudoir shoot, and yeah, the photos are amazing via HelloGigglesTrexB-e1499635129552

Hilarious Tweets Imagine If Famous Movies Were About Parenting via Huffington PostScreen Shot 2017-07-25 at 2.46.54 PMMom “Dresses” Her Daughter In Food And Flowers Using Forced Perspective, Becomes Internet Star via BoredPandafood-optical-illusion-dresses-alya-chaglar-1-595f310e4c170__880

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