10 Links That Made Us Giggle

10_LinksWe love scouring the web as much as the next guy so we thought we’d put our delightful skills of finding the laugh-iest out-loudest links from the web and bring it to you on a silver platter (or in a blog post, however you want to look at it). 

1. Sleeping babies are funny to begin with… This photo series turns baby into a Cosplay Star via BoredPanda.com


2. The cutest [hands down] pup you ever did see via MyModernMet.com


3. 6 Major Back to School Struggles All Young Mothers Know to be True via HelloGiggles.com

4. Cartoonist Enhances Photos With Creatures From His Imagination via DeMilked.comcartoons-in-photos-lucas-levitan-7

5. Clever Illustrations Reveal the Amusing Thoughts of Inanimate Objects via MyModernMet.comcharlyclements13

6. 29 Things Only New Parent Would Understand via BoredPanda.com


7.  A toast printer app?! WHAAAA? Via MyModernMet.comToasteroid2

8. This high-flying trapeze wedding is the greatest show on Earth via OffBeatBride.com 145_20160726_0011

9. Mom Keeps It Real In Hilarious Back-To-School Photo via HuffingtonPost.com


10. Five Adorable Dingo Pups Are the Fluffy New Additions to Australia’s Wildlife Park via MyModernMet.com


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