10 Links That Made Us Chuckle

Who doesn’t love a good chuckle? We know we certainly do. The internet is just a giant bowl of awesome chuckle-worthy material just waiting to be seen. Isn’t it? Don’t tell us you haven’t at one point or another sat through hours of delightful kitten youtube videos. Here is our list of 10 links that gave us a chuckle this month and we hope you have a chuckle too ūüôā

10_Links1. These two adorable BFFL pups from MyModernMet.com


2. Any self-respecting Spongebob fan would love to stay here…¬†from Demilked.comspongebob-squarepants-pineapple-hotel-nickelodeon-resort-punta-cana-31

3. A model Guinea pig if there ever was one hehe…¬†via BoredPanda.commieps-the-guinea-pig-57cef7f446131__880

4. Because… puppies via hellogiggles.compikelet-cover-700x525


5. Then there’s this little dragon cutie making us feel all the feels via BoredPanda.comimg_20150525_122726-5791bdb4ac836__880

6. The Yogi GI Joe via MyModernMet1_firefly_sunrise


7. These Animals Hilariously Reimagined With Eyes on the Front of Their Faces via Mymodernmet.com

8. Family Halloween costumes are always a hoot! via Huffpo57ea86e81b00003007ef2881

9. These playful nap-time masterpieces via Mymodermet.comayumiomori5


10. This adorable house plant costume from Oh Happy Dayhouseplant_04

So many chuckles. So little time.

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