10 Giggle Worthy Links From Around the Web

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Escaping reality with Princess Cheeto – boredpanda.comcheeto

Go ahead. Let your giggle out.

14 Adorable stickers to make planning life so much easier – hellogiggles.comhellogiggles

Adult-ing & organization just got a whole lot more fun

Makeup artist transforms into different celebrities – demilked.com

Mom makes bread with her son’s drawings inside of them – demilked.combread

Bread = the newest art medium?

Catnip infused ‘wine’ – mymodernmet.comcatwine

Cat wine? 

Creative proposals – boredpanda.com

How stinkin’ cute?!

Photographer makes his wiener dog as big as she thinks she is – demilked.comdog

Big Dog. Small City.

Animal expressions that perfectly sum up motherhood- boredpanda.com


Proud Sausage dog poses with her six tiny sausages for maternity photo shoot – boredpanda.comdog2

Homeless grumpy cat found – boredpanda.comgrumpy

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